Home automation as a part of Industry 4.0 revolution is changing the business ecosystem as well as the living standards of the people. Keyless entry system and keyless entry system are becoming an integral part of smart homes. The trending concept of connected entities, precisely connected building, connected cars, and connected commercial complexes, is one of the primary reasons breeding the automation concept, and it is replicated in home automation in the form of wireless intercom doorbell and wireless intercom system. A huge fleet of home security devices are being manufactured as a part of the automation wave. Certainly, the demands for residential security devices are growing in Mexico and therefore, this growing demand is subjected to help the Mexico video intercom devices market size grow. Video intercom devices are becoming a common and essential security device in most of the residential and commercial establishments. A video intercom device enables the owner of the place to take a look at the visitor before addressing them.


These video intercom devices are revolutionizing the home and premises security. Security has become a major issue among the residents in Mexico and residents are willing to install an advance security system for safeguarding their houses. Security is highly prioritized by homeowners nowadays since the concerns over theft and robberies have increased. Today, people ensure effective security systems at entrance and premises before moving into a new house. Video intercom devices are gaining prominence in various cities in Mexico due to its application in multiple sectors including but not limited to residential, commercial, and industrial end-user industry. The technological developments and the abundance of smart security devices in the region are impelling the Mexican video intercom devices market.


The Mexico video intercom devices market generated revenues worth $62.37 million in the year 2018 and the demands in the market are projected to grow at a positive CAGR of 4.12% during the forecast period 2019 to 2025.    


Mexico Intercom Devices Market Application Analysis

Residential application in the Mexican video intercom device market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 5.37% through to 2025. A two way indoor and outdoor electronic element with a microphone and camera are installed as a security solution. With the help of this night vision micro camera, the residents can capture the image or video of the visitor. The microphone allows the residents to communicate with the visitors. The indoor element has an electronic switch which can be used to open or close the door. Nowadays, mobile applications are replacing the hardware that is fitted inside homes. With mobile applications, the users can see whosoever is coming into the house and can remotely open or close the door as per their wish. The advancement in the software industry is benefiting video intercom device companies as it has increased the availability of videos through smartphone applications. The construction companies are installing such video intercom devices in the newly developed buildings to enhance the security in the premises. Mexico is a developing nation and a large number of construction projects involving apartments and housing facilities. Thus, the flourishing apartment, building, and housing constructions coupled with the increasing demands for a secure establishment are projected to support the Mexican video intercom devices market. Other than the residential sector, the video intercom devices are extensively used in the healthcare industry. These video intercom devices are used to conduct brief video communication such as calling medical operatives to the patient room and dorms in case of an emergency. Also, it provides an economical and feasible method for establishing communication among the Doctor, nurses, and pharmacies.

Top Trends Influencing the Market

·      Touch Screen Boards: The proactive trend in the consumer electronics industry of touch screen devices is tremendously taking over the security units of the video intercom devices. Technological development in the field of network and communication has enabled the integration of near field connection (NFC) devices for security purposes. With the help of these NFC units, the video intercom companies can establish hands-free communication control. So, with the amalgamation of touch screen and hands-free devices, the performance of the video intercom devices are expected to get enhanced which will further benefit the Mexican video intercom devices.

·      Personal Assistant Control: The growing prevalence of personal home assistant devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are also expected to influence the Mexican video intercom devices market. The video intercom devices are being integrated with these personal assistant devices such that the users can control their door and window lock by simple giving commands to their home assistant. This added convenience is expected to attract a significant amount of customers in the region which in turn will support the Mexico video intercom devices market.    

·    Custom Alert Notifications: With software control in hands through the mobile application, the customers now can select how they want to receive alerts and notification about someone’s visit at their home. With custom notification according to time, day, and motion detector, the customers can readily keep a check on the doors of their houses which will enable extra security in the premises. Additionally, these video intercom devices are being combined with sensors that are connected to alarms and smoke detectors. Leveraging on the advanced sensors, the video intercom companies are developing a considerate customer base in Mexico

·      Smart Video Intercom Devices: The astonishing development in the technologies such as the cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning has nurtured immense smart devices for automation purposes. Smart video intercom devices are mounted on cloud infrastructure which means that they store the media format data generated from the video intercom devices. With artificial intelligence, the customers are now able to control the intercom device from remote locations. Additionally, by the integration of machine learning, the images and patterns are being recorded and thus the system is capable of detecting suspicious activities which is further improving the security provided by the video intercom devices. 

Mexico Video Intercom Devices Market Competitive Landscape

The companies influencing the Mexico video intercom devices market are Zenitel, LeGrand, Panasonic Corporation, Honeywell International Inc., Aiphone Co. Ltd., Samsung, Icon Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Axis Communications AB, AxxonSoft Inc., Telex by Bosch Sicherheitssysteme GmbH, and Aviglon.

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