Sustainable Bottled Water Packaging Trend Boosting the Economy:

With increasing industrialization, ecological degradation is emerging as a primary concern for both governments and manufacturing companies. The fast-growing macroeconomic bottled water processing market is also experiencing the crisis of plastic pollution worldwide.  This has led to the deployment of alternative eco-friendly solutions for the processing of bottled water in recent times. Sustainable packaging emerges as one of the biggest accomplishments in combating this global issue. Furthermore, it also reduces the risk of chemical contamination of bottled water, thereby boosting this market demand significantly. Lately, several bottled water companies are incorporating polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for the manufacturing of sustainable containers. These processed PET bottles can be recycled, which gives it an advantage over the single-use plastic bottles. The PET bottles, with advanced recycling technology, are thereby reducing the pollution risks posed by bottled water manufacturers globally. Additionally, this revolutionary trend is being aided by government regulations in several countries. For instance, the European Federation of Bottled Water (EFBW) states that 90% of the PET bottles should be collected and nearly 25% of the recycled PET water bottles should be used by 2025. This regulation is likely to reduce the additional expenditure incurred on the processing of new PET bottles and the purchase of raw materials. Additionally, a reduction in the number of waste PET bottles will provide a sustainable approach to the bottled water processing industries. This eco-friendly method will boost the bottled water processing market growth in the forthcoming years. 

The global bottled water processing market size reached $228.8 billion in 2018 propelled by new product launches and rising demand for packaged water worldwide. The bottled water processing market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8% during the forecast period of 2019-2025. Apart from the PET bottled water packaging solution, several other innovative products are launched in the global market to upheave the demand for bottled water. An alternative to the plastic bottled water, Choose Water launched its breakthrough bottle which is manufactured from paper pulp. The inner lining of the bottle is composed of natural materials that are safe and biodegradable in marine and soil environments. Choose Water’s patented eco-friendly product is likely to spur the bottled water processing market growth and demand.

Geographical Bottled Water Processing Market Outlook:

Bottled water consumption is on the rise throughout the world. This is propelled by several factors such as low availability of drinking water resources. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), globally, approximately 785 million people are lacking the provision of basic drinking water. Two billion people across the world use feces-contaminated water. Instances such as these provide opportunities for the bottled water processing market to expand its footprint across the globe and meet the drinking water demand from the world’s population. The EFBW has highlighted that packaged water dominated the non-alcoholic beverages section with a 48% share in the European Union. Facilitated by a leading share in non-alcoholic beverages and an increase in the consumption of packaged water in this region, the bottled water processing market will flourish significantly.

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Moreover, as per the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), the per capita consumption of bottled water in the U.S. reached nearly 42.1 gallons in 2017, which was an increase of 6.2% over the previous year. This suggests that the bottled water processing market will generate huge demand and gather a healthy economic output over the forecast period. Besides, the report also stated that China is leading the market, with bottled water consumption reaching 25.46 billion gallons in 2017. Consequently, with a stronghold in the bottled water industry, the Asian market is also dominating the bottled water processing market and APAC even held a major regional share of 44% in the global water processing market in 2018. Furthermore, as per the 2019 statistics of the China Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands (DCCC), the Chinese bottled water market generated revenue of $48.6 billion followed by other countries including Indonesia with $12.7 billion. Additionally, Bottled Water India highlights that more than 3,400 bottled water plants are established in India, including multinational companies such as Aquafina, Pure Life, Kinley, Bisleri, and others. Collectively, these factors led to the APAC region’s dominance over the global bottled water processing market which is likely to grow in forthcoming years.

Bottled Water Market Demand Disrupted By Reverse Osmosis:

One of the most prominent bottled water processing featuring, the reverse osmosis (RO) technique is widely accepted in this industry across the world. Apart from the other categories of bottled water such as spring water, sparkling water, and mineral water, RO water is considered as the purest and microbial-free processed water. Consequently, the RO purified bottled water is gaining huge demand in the global market in recent times. Furthermore, with a rise in an unprecedented level of water contamination and the growing awareness among the people is also facilitating the growth of RO bottled water. Many companies have adopted the reverse osmosis water system to upheave the bottled water business across the world. Some of the global brands such as Aquafina, Essentia, Pure Life, Penta, Dasani, and many others manufacture and distribute RO bottled water. The reverse osmosis technology will uplift the global bottled water processing market scopes and generate huge customer demand in the forthcoming years. Significantly, the reverse osmosis application segment is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 4.5% through to 2025.

  Innovation in Water Treatment to Influence Bottled Water Market Growth:

Numerous technological innovations in water treatment, filtration, purification, and packaging processes are significantly boosting the water processing market growth scope. These breakthrough processes are likely to generate huge customer demand for the global bottled water processing market in the forecast period. For instance, researchers at Yale's Menachem Elimelech and Huazhang Zhao of Peking University produced a nanocoagulant impacted by Actinia to eliminate water contaminants. This novel technology is claimed to remove micro and macro pollutants with the one-step process. This smart material is also likely to reduce the cost of conventional water treatment methods used in industry, thereby giving rise to increased opportunities for the global bottled water processing market. Other water filtration and cleaning technology include solar, desalination, nanotechnology, UV disinfection, advanced oxidation, high-tech filtration, and others. These breakthrough technology trends will significantly elevate the end-user demand which will result in the growth of the bottled water processing market size.

Leading Market Companies and Their Contribution:

The global bottled water processing market is led by a healthy competitive landscape. Investments into R&D and product innovations by leading players is disrupting the niche market’s demand globally. These major companies include Axeon Water Technologies, Inline Filling Systems Inc., Koch Membrane Systems Inc., Liquid Packaging Solutions Inc., Norland International Inc., PALL Corporation, The DOW Chemical Co., Velocity Equipment Solutions Inc., Lenntech B.V., and Tata Global Beverages Ltd. Additionally, with new marketing strategies to strengthen their brand image, these companies generate huge revenue, thereby contributing immensely to the global bottled water processing market share.

Ø  Axeon Water Technologies recently launched the HyperFlux, which is a unique commercial RO membrane technology. It is claimed to be a pumpless RO membrane which is designed to lower the manufacturing and servicing cost of RO systems. As a result, this technology offers a promising future to the bottled water processing market which will escalate the customer demand in the forecasted years.

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