Mood Lighting Cockpit Luminaries:

Ambient lighting systems are amongst the most striking and vital requirements in transportation amenities, however, they gained a prominent place in aircraft manufacturing. Being an important part of an aircraft, cockpit crafting and designing it assist maneuvering of switches and buttons panel which controls the entire flight ascent and descent. Consequently, the Cockpit Lighting Market gains huge demand both in the manufacturing of new aircraft models and repairing older ones as well. Nowadays ambient lighting solutions for aircraft cockpit are available in the global market. However, newer and more innovative lighting systems are simultaneously emerging, offering wider solutions. Not only these luminaries assist in lighting and visibility, but they are also modified to enhance the mood of the pilots in the cockpit during long-haul flights. These efficient lighting cockpit lighting systems are programmed to redden during dawn and dusk thereby stimulating natural sunrise and sunset environment. Consequently, they reduce the chance of fatigue which might increase the chance of accidental risks. These revolutionary mood lighting interior lighting are suitable for commercial aircraft, light aircraft, military aircraft, and cargo aircraft. For instance, Astronics provides ambient cockpit controllable and well-programmed mood light. Resultantly, this enhanced lighting feature is spurring the global cockpit lighting market demand. Propelled by such novel lighting solutions, the global cockpit lighting market size stood at $216 million in 2018. Furthermore, the cockpit lighting market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6% during the forecast period of 2019-2025.

North America is the leading region in the global cockpit lighting market. It contributed a regional share of 36.5% in the year 2018. A prominent region in the global aviation industry, North America experiences huge economic profit owing to the increasing flight passengers. Also, there is an increase in preference for private jets for business, medical, and other purposes. The North American airline industry is likely to acquire $15 billion revenue in 2019. Consequently, this will create a scope for the cockpit lighting market growth since repairing and installation of lighting systems is an imperative factor in the aircraft. Furthermore, business aviation is more actively prospecting in the United States, serving nearly 10 times the number of airports than commercial airlines. This implicates the resulting growth scopes and demand prospects of the cockpit lighting market in this region.

Trend of Cost-Efficient LED and Other Lightings:

Light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting is gaining huge demand in several industrial, commercial, and residential places. Owing to its high reliability and safe applications, LED lighting has paved its way into the aviation industry. Additional features such as lower power consumption, secured from temperature extremes and bad weather conditions, and comparatively brighter illumination make it an ideal cockpit lighting solution. Several companies such as Honeywell, Emteq, and others distribute LED cockpit lights across the globe. The trend of LED lighting along with other auxiliary and security lighting systems are leveraging huge demand from the aviation industry in aircraft making and maintenance services. There is also a huge demand for other important cockpit lightings such as incandescent lights, electroluminescent panel lighting, boat lights, led yard lights, engine light, post lighting, and floodlighting which highlight the prospect of the niche market. Concurrently, the need for effective lighting to identify and interpret control systems, switches, circuit breakers, and other flight management labels will continue to increase the demand for these lighting systems. As a result, it will boost the cockpit lighting market growth during the forecast period.

Increasing Global Footprint of the Business Jets:

The global business jet industry is rapidly growing which is projected to influence the cockpit lighting market demand in the forthcoming years. The application of lighting systems in the business jets cockpit is anticipated to increase at a 7.8% CAGR through to 2025. In recent times, there is a hike in international and national sports matches across the world, and it is mostly dependent on business jets as a convenient commute system. Upcoming sports events in 2019 such as FIFA U-17 World Cup, Cricket T20s and ODIs, National Football League, and others will increase the need for business aviation. Consequently, this is likely to boost the revenue generation of the niche market since the lighting systems require regular maintenance services and supervision. Furthermore, international government collaborations taking place throughout the world will also facilitate the growth of business jet commute thereby elevating the cockpit lighting market growth.

Apart from this, many newer business jets models are gaining huge demand in the global aviation market. Some of these include Bombardier’s Global 7500, Gulfstream’s G650 and G600, Longitude by Cessna, and others. Similarly, Embraer is transforming the cockpit controls of the older Legacy plane and remodeling as Praetor. As a result, this will promote the business and economy of the cockpit lighting market. The shipment of business jets for the year 2019 is projected to reach 141. This marks an increase of 6.8% as compared to the total shipments in 2018. This implicates the large scale installation of lighting systems in the cockpit section of these flights thereby signifying the resultant economic output of the cockpit lighting market. Besides, business aviation serves as air ambulance to deliver patients thereby gaining higher demand rates in recent times. Moreover, nearly 12,000 flights were commenced to assist medical departures in 2017. Being one of the most prominent mode of transport the business aviation experiences unprecedented growth. Resultantly, this will eventually upheave the cockpit market growth scopes and demand opportunities in the forthcoming years.

Major Market Leaders and Their Product Profiling:

With huge necessity in panel systems and cockpit illumination, lighting systems have gained huge demand from the aviation industry in the past few decades. Also the new and improved cockpit lighting solutions unveiled by the key companies have positively affected the cockpit lighting market share. Furthermore, massive R&D investments and marketing strategies to promote brand imaging are also generating huge customer demands in recent times. As a result, these methods adopted by the market leaders uplift the revenue generation significantly increasing the cockpit lighting market share. These key players include Safran (Zodiac Aerospace), Luminator Aerospace, Rockwell Collins, Astronics, Aircraft Lighting International, Diehl Stiftung, UTC, Cobham PLC, STG Aerospace, Geltronix, Honeywell, Oxley Group, Wencor Group, and others.

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