Yoghurt is a popular dairy product, which consist of Vitamin B2 and B12. Streptococcus thermophilus is a Gram-positive bacterium, which plays a vital role in dairy fermentations to produce yoghurt. Yoghurt is a staple in the Mediterranean diet. It is primarily served as an appetizer, marinade, side dish, dessert, and used in drinks as well. Shneenah is a popular yoghurt drink in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq. It is a cold beverage made from water and yoghurt, a widely consumed non-alcoholic beverages or drinkable yoghurt in Iraq. Iraqi populace prefer yoghurt sauce with any kind of food, as it adds a tangy flavor to food products. Yoghurt is one of the popular ingredients in Iraqi homes. Iraqi people consume yoghurt in different ways such as, with rice, as a part of salad, as a dip or cooked as a sauce with kubba, meat and chicken, and as drinkable yoghurt. The rise in consumption of yoghurt in various forms is augmenting the Iraq Yoghurt and Drinkable Yoghurt Market size. In Middle Eastern cooking, Labneh is a common breakfast dip, which is prepared by changing the consistency of regular yoghurt to Greek yoghurt. It can be served with savory seasonings and also a spread.  Application of fermented dairy product as a mix in different types of dishes is highly used by Iraqi people. These above-mentioned factors are supporting the yoghurt demand as a popular ingredient in the Middle East as well. As a result, the Iraq yoghurt and drinkable yoghurt market size stood at $464.4m in 2018, and is projected to grow with a CAGR of 5.23% all through the forecast period 2019-2025, according to the Iraq yoghurt and drinkable yoghurt market research report.

The report consist of yoghurt & drinkable yoghurt market size by type, category, fat content, trademark owner, packaging type, and by volume. Also, it provides detailed profiling of top 5 companies with their yoghurt and drinkable yoghurt market share in Iraq.

Iraq is a major importer of dairy products. In 2018, Iraq imported 96,622 tons of yoghurt, with an imported value of $91.35m, according to the International Trade Center. Iraq occupied a share of 3.2% in the world yoghurt imports for 2018. In Southern Iraq, the usage of buffalo milk is high as compared to cow milk, as it is highly used to make yoghurt, curd, cream, and a wide variety of cheese. This has led to many studies that mainly focuses on physical and chemical properties of Iraqi buffalo milk fat. Additionally, a study emphasis on fatty acid of Iraqi buffalo milk and yoghurt produced from milk. The growing focus of manufacturers to fulfill yoghurt and drinkable yoghurt market demand, led to expansion in production lines, which are composed of special equipment and machines to manufacture different kinds of yoghurts. This, in return, is escalating the scope for manufacturers to increase their Iraq yoghurt market share.

The Predominance of Yoghurt in Iraq:

In Iraq, demand of yoghurt is high, when compared to other dairy products, due to its nutrient content. Additionally, this fermented milk supplementation provides significant health benefits such as improved digestive function, immune enhancement, and prevention of gastrointestinal disorders, and minimize the risk associated with diarrheal diseases.  Non-flavored and flavored yoghurt such as strawberry, vanilla, mango, and blueberry are mostly used yoghurts in Iraq, which are contributing to the yoghurt market revenue. Application of set yoghurt type will grow at a CAGR of 4.88%, in the yoghurt and drinkable yoghurt market, during the forecast period.

In 2018, a new set yoghurt has been developed from a mixture of camel & goat milk with buffalo milk. It is highly accepted by consumers, due to its longer shelf-life, and it benefits same as of an animal plain milk and eliminates the need for non-dairy additives addition. Yoghurt producers’ interest in manufacturing novel products by using numerous styles and varieties with different fat contents, flavors, and textures is expanding the scope of yoghurt in preparations of dessert, snack, smoothies, frozen treats and in savory food. On the other hand, they are also concerned about longer duration and better packaging of yoghurt & drinkable yoghurt products, as it aids in increasing the customer base. Therefore, the consumption of yoghurt in the food and beverage industry results in increment of the Iraq drinkable yoghurt market size.

Trends – Iraq Yoghurt & Drinkable Yoghurt Marketplace:

·     Greek Yoghurt: At present, consumer preference is playing a crucial role in altering the market shares of food and beverage companies. The shift in preference of yoghurt consumers from traditional plain yoghurt to Greek yoghurt is propelling the Iraq yoghurt market growth. Yoghurt consumers in Iraq are shifting towards more nutrition-dense food, uniquely flavored, healthier, and indulgent yoghurts. Currently, people are seeking to purchase zero-fat plain yoghurt in to lose weight. Greek yoghurt offers similar calories count as of zero-fat yoghurt, and thus, record a high demand from Iraq.

·    Demand of Dairy Products – Consecutive Developments: Iraq is experiencing high imports with the establishment of a new Basra Dairy Plant. In 2018, establishment of this plant has accounted for an investment of $10m, which has started its operations in Southern Iraqi city of Basra. This factory operates with a capacity of 10 tons per hour, to fulfil the local demand in Basra. It is also representing significant opportunity for expansion into other provinces by transforming this southern city into an investment destination with the support of the Iraq government. Hence, this growth in dairy product business is influencing the Iraq yoghurt market growth. 

Major Players in Iraq Yoghurt & Drinkable Yoghurt Market – Competitive Landscape:

Hajar Group, the State Company for Food Products, Jabal Al-rahma Company, Albaaan, Basrah for Dairy and Refreshments Production Company Ltd., and Howlair Dairy and Refreshments Company are major manufacturers of yoghurt and drinkable yoghurt in Iraq. These companies are concentrating to implement numerous business strategies to mark their position by increasing their yoghurt and drinkable yoghurt market share.

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