The growing concerns pertaining to the consumption of contaminated food and the subsequent repercussions in the form of foodborne diseases is creating a dire need for instilling some stringent regulations in the food & beverages (F&B) industry which is making food testing an imperative process, and this, in turn, is expanding the global food testing market size. The growth of the food testing market is evident in the increasing requirement for Fehling’s test, nutritional analysis, immunoassay, and other tests that are executed before the food products are ready for consumption. The food testing market demand is further bolstered by the worldwide rise of the processed food industry coupled with the increasing inclination of consumers and brands for clean labels which makes it imperative for food manufacturers to get their products certified for the use of safe ingredients for consumption.

Additionally, the fruits and vegetables are also susceptible to spoilage and leading to foodborne diseases because of which there is a growing need for the testing of the same. With a significant fraction of population inclining towards veganism and vegetarianism, the requirement for food testing is growing, and it is further leading to an expansion of the food testing market size which was evaluated at $16.8 billion as of 2018. The end-user segments such as dairy, meat & poultry, seafood, and beverages market with experience growth which will lead to an increase in the food testing market size at a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period 2019-2025.

The contemporary regime of the F&B industry is demanding better and precision-oriented food testing methods and players are striving for innovations to increase their food testing market share. For instance, in September 2019, Biosciences Inc. and BNO Holdings Inc. developed breakthrough testing methods to detect cannabinoids in water solutions to meet food and safety standards. In the last 5 years, 4025 patents were registered for food testing which evinces the on-going research & development in the food testing market, and the upcoming years anticipate more innovations by players.

Europe Dominated with the Maximum Food Testing Market Share of 35% in the Global Revenues in 2018:

With an extravagant culinary culture and the presence of food safety bodies such as European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the Europe food testing market size was found to be bigger than that of other regions in the world during 2018. Furthermore, the food industry is one of the largest sectors in Europe. In the contemporary era wherein a large fraction of populace is resorting to vegetarianism, meeting the microbial criteria has gained distinct importance in European countries. Preventive actions such as Good Hygiene and Manufacturing Practices (GHMP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles have been implemented to maintain food safety standards in European countries.

Apart from that, the growth of the end-user industries in European countries is creating some substantial scope for the players to increase their food testing market shares. Additionally, in Europe, 24.879% of the land is arable which makes up for humongous cultivation of grains. Subsequently, there is a need for testing in the grain-producing countries of Europe which further augments the Europe food testing market size.

Europe was the leading exporter and importer of food products. The exports and imports of food were evaluated at $382 billion and $378 billion respectively during FY2016. The value only increased in the next two years to create lucrative prospects for the food testing market.

Food Testing Market Growth – Global Scenario:

The global food testing market growth can be largely attributed to the concerns about the consumers’ health. Contaminated food is attributed as the reason for the illness of as much as 600 million people. In addition to this, 33 million deaths are attributed to foodborne diseases every year with 1 out 10 humans suffering from the same. The staggering repercussions of contaminated food are realized in the form of catapulting food testing market demand which is also the result of the growth prospects in the end-user segments.

· Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Segment of the Food Testing Market to Grow at a CAGR of 5.9% through to 2025 –

The blooming growth prospects in the meat, poultry, and seafood segment of the food testing market can be further fathomed with the fact that the global meat production is projected to be 16% higher in 2025 than that between 2013 and 2015. While this will increase the prospects for the animal feed market, it will generate a demand influx in the food testing market.

Additionally, the trends in the poultry industry are favoring the food testing market. The worldwide poultry production is projected to increase from 111,000 thousand metric tons in 2015 to 131,255 thousand metric tons in 2025 – a notable 24% growth over a decade. This is going to be a food testing market players that provide QC facilities for poultry products.

The trade of fishes have growth at 25% during 2017-2018, witnessed fish trade worth of $2.25 billion. The current figures indicate an increasing demand for fishes across the world and this also reflects on other seafood at large.

Therefore, the booming meat, poultry, and seafood industry will be creating lucrative prospects for the food testing market.

· The Global Dairy Industry Boom Triggering the Food Testing Market Demand –

Largely driven by the production expansion in countries such as India, Argentina, China, the US, and European Union, the world dairy output was gauged at a whopping amount of 843 million tons in 2018 – 2.2% growth as compared to 2017. The steady growth in dairy production is attributable to the augmenting demand for products such as cheese, butter, and others that are integral ingredients of the various and fast and convenient food products. Now, milk quality tests are imperative because the milk should be free of debris, sediment, chemicals, and abnormal color. Furthermore, it is tested for bacterial count. The importance of consuming or using milk that meets the criteria of hygiene is expanding the food testing market size.

· The Processed Food Market Increasing the Food Testing Market Scope –

The prospects to prosper for the players are in abundance in the processed food market – the growth of which is evident in the increasing demand for convenience food. The convenience food retail market is poised to surpass the valuation of $1,128.6 billion by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 4.49% between 2018 and 2025. Now, this demand will substantially stroke the processed food industry which will experience a demand influx during the forecast period. Now, food processing is followed by testing, and the growth of the processed food market will create opportunities for the food testing market players.

· The Augmenting Need in the Fruits and Vegetables Segment –

The fruits and vegetable consumption is poised to increase as it reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular ones and cancer. Globally, 3.9 million deaths were attributable to the inadequate consumption of fruits and vegetables in 2017. While these figures are disquieting, the consumption of fruits and vegetables is significantly increasing across the world. Now, fruits and vegetables are tested for addressing any safety issue and to ensure optimal taste. So, the increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables will offer opportunities to the food testing market players 

Food Testing Market Companies:

Companies with greater food testing market share that are striving to capitalize on the increasing demand are SGS S.A.; Eurofins Scientific; Intertek Group plc; Bureau Veritas S.A.; ALS Limited; Mérieux NutriSciences; and AsureQuality Limited.

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