Robotic Dispensing Systems Carrying Forward Automation Trend:

Robotic technology has entered every possible industry and has emerged as an all-purpose industrial, commercial, and household aid. It has become a mainstream technology accepted worldwide to accomplish several manufacturing activities. The dispensing systems market is gaining prominence facilitated by the robotic technology invasion which is redefining and simplifying work processes. Nowadays new automated dispensing systems are being launched in the market such as condiments, multitap water, juice and soup, medicine, food, and other dispensing machines. This has largely suited various criteria of life and improvised modern lifestyle to a great extent. Induced by the automatic technique without human intervention, the robotic dispensing system market is growing far and wide with the expanding requirement from end-use customers. Apart from its usual benefits of providing assistance as an alternative to manual processes, dispensing systems aid the physically weaker sections of the population. The advent of robotic dispensing systems is aiding the disabled population in completing minor activities such as medication, food filling, and other hacks. Influenced by the bunch of benefits associated with deploying dispensing systems, many companies have adopted this trend to excel in their sector and create newer possibilities. As for example, the global footwear giant, Reebok, has recently introduced a new shoe production procedure which excludes the usual molds. With more advanced ingredients collection which include dispensing systems, robotic technology, software, and high-energy liquid material, this company is changing the face of today’s shoe industry. Also, Silgan Dispensing Systems Co. launched an airless pump dispenser device Pearl® with a decorative baby bear packaging for infant skincare products. This will also manifest huge demand from customers owing to its safe, hygienic, effortless features.

The global dispensing systems market size reached $7 billion in the year 2018. The intervention of automation robotics technology in the dispensing segment has generated a large base of customers across the world. With precision procedures accomplished within fractions of seconds, the industrial sector is leveraging great benefits through the adoption of automated dispensing machines. Additionally, a wide range of medicine and food dispenser systems has actively eased household works thereby extending its reach to common people. Concurrently, the dispensing systems market is projected to increase at a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period of 2019-2025.

Current Geographical Outlook: APAC Leading the Regional Race:

Among other regions, APAC is dominating the global dispensing systems market. It held a major regional share of 42% induced by the hike industrial growth in this region. Also, China and India are gaining huge prominence and thriving to excel in the race of development in every sector. Out of the total global manufacturing production in 2016, the APAC region led with over 49.5% (nearly half of the share). The manufacturing process includes a heavy reliance on automatic dispensing systems for shortening the time consumed with precision workflow. Concurrently, this statistic reflects a huge demand for dispensing systems in the manufacturing industries in this region. Besides, the pharmaceutical industry is also showing huge growth in this region. Over 97% of the antibiotics in the U.S. are imported from China. This highlight an increment in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in China in recent times whereby making space for more automated technology intervention. As a result, this eventually positively affects the dispensing systems market economy in the APAC region. The Indian pharmaceutical industry contributes around 50% of the vaccines to meet global demand. Significantly, these key factors collectively boost upsurge the demand for the dispensing systems in the APAC region thereby uplifting the revenue.

Industrial Processes Transformed With Automated Dispensers:

The growth in industrialization makes space for new developments and innovations in this sector. Automation technology has transformed industries into next-generation working environment gaining colossal economic profit and opportunities. With minimal investment, less interference of humans, and reduced errors in manufacturing procedures, automated dispensing systems have elevated industrial benefits. Besides the Industry 4.0 revolution also influences the demand for automated dispensing systems to boost the industrial economy. A wider range of dispensing systems have been introduced into the market which matches every business’ needs around the globe. Some of these dispensing systems include fluid dispensing system, cup dispenser, paper dispenser, medication dispenser, liquid dispenser, and many others. Consequently, this streamlines various industrial work processes in multifarious industries thereby elevating the overall dispensing systems market demand scopes. Not only the industrial manufacturers profited by the automated dispensing systems, but also individual residents are acquiring a plethora of services.

Pharmacy Business Gets a Boost:

Pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy business are interrelated to each other whereupon the introduction of newer technology impacts both these sectors equally. Similarly, drug dispensing systems with automatic and computerized monitoring have transformed drug administration in many places throughout the world. Although the dispensing systems have been in order since the past few years, the latest changes have swiftly generated huge revenue and healthy demand from consumers worldwide. Additionally, electronic medication systems are helpful in reducing the risk of pharmacy errors in drug distribution thereby lowering the rate of associated fatal incidences. Besides, digital recording and tracking bills and details, storing medicines, and packaging and dispensing of drugs are effectively undertaken by these automated electronic systems. With a faster and safer approach to drug dispensing, many community pharmacies and hospital pharmacies install these systems which boosts the growing trend of pharmacy automation. Apart from the general drug dispensing cabinets, nowadays, automated pill dispensers for individuals are launched in the market which is gaining huge prominence. Digital assistance and connectivity with smartphones and smart devices also help maintain a track of medication schedules and providing notifications regarding and reminders for drug retake. Consequently, this novel trend assists geriatric patients with chronic diseases such as Alzheimer, cancer, and many more. Some of these revolutionary medicine dispensing systems for personal assistance with smart technology include Pillo Health’s pill dispenser, Medipense’s RxPense®, and others. Resultantly, these digital innovations are constantly spurring the global dispensing systems market demand in recent times.

Latest Dispensing Trend Expanding Food Industry Growth:

As the dispensing technology is increasingly penetrating different industrial sectors, the food and beverage industry is also pushing forth its business through the application of automated dispensing systems in the manufacturing procedures. Generally filling and packaging processes largely necessitate dispensing mechanisms to distribute containers, lids. labels, food contents, and others across a line. Simultaneously, the foodservice industry is also applying this technique to minimize manual efforts and maximize income. Various companies are supplying food and drink dispensers with unique blending systems which are rapidly gaining the attention of the end-users across the globe. Additionally, vending machines incorporate automated dispensing technology to deliver foods, snacks, drinks, and ice creams as an alternative to over the counter purchases. Also, these easy to use and maintain food and condiment dispensing machines have paved the way into regular household usages. Consequently, the huge application of dispensers in the food industry will upheave the dispensing systems market growth in the forecasted years.

·Smart Food Dispensers for Pets:

The advent of smart technology has considerably improved pet care throughout the world. Automated food and water dispensing systems have provided better scopes for the pet owners who are engaged in the hectic schedule of working life. Automatic pet feeders are installed with digital timer and conveniently larger hoppers. This enables reliable feeding of the pet animals as per the set timer with hassle-free programming on the system. Some of the latest automatic and secured food dispensing systems distributed by several manufacturing companies include Petnet, PetSafe, and others. Additionally, Petnet’s SmartFeeder automatic pet feed dispensing system has additional features that enable connectivity with smartphones and smart home devices such as Alexa. This helps the pet owners keep a track of feeding their pets. Concurrently, this novel pet feeding trend is likely to disrupt the dispensing systems market demand in the forthcoming years.

Major Players in the Dispensing Systems Market:

The key companies having a significant contribution to the global dispensing systems market share include Musashi, Nordson, Scheugenpflu, Graco, Krauss Maffei, and others. Through a wider product portfolio that is constantly expanding with continuous product launches and innovations, these companies are obtaining greater demand in recent times. Also, frequent technology intervention has uplifted the revenue growth which simultaneously increases the dispensing systems market share.

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