Solid lipid nanoparticle and micro-encapsulation are mega-trends in the global lipid nutrition market and emerging fields of lipid nanotechnology. Lipids food and nutritional supplements are a part of essential nutrition for infant nutrition and sports nutrition. The emerging pharmaceutical technology of ‘micro-encapsulation’ has extended the application of lipids in the medicine sector. It is a pharmaceutical process that surrounds gases, liquids or even solids inside a micrometric wall fabricated by films that are soluble. Amalgamation of lipids along with polymers such as alginate are applied as a material mixture to from the wall, shell, coating, or membrane while microencapsulation. As the process is viable in order to decrease the frequency of dosing and also counter the degradation of pharmaceuticals, this trend in the medicinal arena is adding impetus to lipid nutrition market.

Likewise, advancement of strong lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) is one of the developing fields of lipid nanotechnology with a few potential applications in drug delivery market, clinical drug and research. It is to be noted that the global drug delivery market was evaluated to be $17.50 billion in the year 2018 and is progressing with a global CAGR of 7.20% through to 2019-2025. Hence, the lipid nutrition market adjacent to it have exponential scope and opportunities to leverage its growth and increasing revenue by the enticing SLNs. As a consequence of their unique size-subordinate unconventionalities, lipid nanoparticles plays a pivotal role in the propagation of new therapeutics. Its lucrative traits to incorporate drugs into nanocarriers is attracting drug deliver market players as it a novel pattern that promises the enhancement of bioavailability and also a controlled and site specific drug delivery. Consequently, SLNs are lucrative pharmaceutical delivery system or pharmaceutical formulation and are being exploited as probable possibilities as carriers for oral intestinal lymphatic delivery. Also, it has emerged as an original methodology to oral and parenteral drug delivery systems. Hence, the application of SLDs in the drug delivery market is adding substantial impetus as a major trend in lipid nutrition market share.

The global Lipid Nutrition Market size was evaluated to be $ 7.71 billion in 2018. Apart from revolutionizing the pharmaceutical sector, lipid nutrition market finds extensive scope of application in several verticals including dietary supplement & nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, infant formula, animal nutrition, and food fortification. As a consequence, the market is estimated to be progressing at a global CAGR of 9.21% during the forecast period of 2019 – 2025.

‘Food fortification’ programs sponsored by elite organizations like the United Nations and the World Health Organization is adding impetus to lipid nutrition market demand:

The number of people that are labeled malnourished escalated from 804 million in 2016 to 821 million in 2017. In any form of economy, developing or developed, a total of approximately 2 billion people are suffering from vitamins and minerals deficiencies, claimed by WHO. Consequently, such circumstances has bring in attention and initiated various food fortification programmes at global level to diminish the cases of micronutrient malnutrition. Among the top 4 measures strategized by the WHO and FAO, food fortification hold a pivotal spot as an implementation to disrupt micronutrient malnutrition at a global level. Since the practice is affordable, it being implemented by 86 countries across the globe currently. Fortification of foods with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (lipid) is a common practice and is hence a disruptive factor in the global lipid nutrition market.

Few examples of food fortification progammes:

India has started it initiative to curb the cases of malnutrition. Hence, the demand for lipid nutrition is accelerating in the economy that ranks 1st in terms of the  population globally. India Integrated Food Fortification Program that is an undertaking of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is assisting the Indian state of Rajasthan to fortify 4,500 metric tonnes of wheat flour, 8,900 metric tonnes of oil and 41,000 metric tonnes of milk per month. GAIN by a venture with United States Agency for International Development is similarly assisting Afghanistan en route for eliminating ‘hidden hunger’ by food fortification of staple food and condiments. Since majority of the malnourished population in low-income and developing economies, APAC has the leading demand in global lipid nutrition market. The region with India and China, the two largest economy in terms of agriculture and population have enormous food fortification programmes. Consequently, APAC in 2018 held 32.71% share of global lipid nutrition market demand.

Lipid nutrition– Vital aspect of infant formulas:

Triacylglycerols (TAGs), a form of lipid, represent the 98–99% of total fats of human milk and infant formulae. Hence, lipid nutrition market demand is gaining substantial impetus from infant and mother nutrition market. The cases of malnutrition are alone responsible for nearly half (45%) children’s death aged below 5 years. Consequently, to diminish this global epidemic, initiatives such as “Convention on the Rights of the Child” has gained global attention. Infant formula testing market is ensuring the addition of adequate nutrients in infant and mother nutrition formulae. Consequently, infant formula has to go under certification and testing procedures. Hence, manufacturers ensures the application of adequate nutrients and micronutrients in products that is increasing the application of lipids to fulfill the criteria. Therefore, the $58 billion (2018) infant & mother nutrition market that is progressing with a noticeable CAGR of 8.5% up to 2025 is a major factor influencing the global vitamin and mineral premix market. The APAC region has the largest infant population and registered the highest infant and mother nutrition market demand of 35% in 2018. This further evinces the dominance of APAC in global lipid nutrition market.

Lipid nutrition – A pivotal constituent in animal feed additives and veterinary vaccines:

Livestock contributes to 40% of the global value of agricultural output. The abundance of livestock in the agricultural sector has created a demand for animal feed additives that is eventually leading towards proliferating lipid nutrition market growth. Lipid nutrition by type such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 are pivotal ingredient in animal nutrition products. Omega – 3 type is estimated to be the fastest growing segment in terms of application. It is estimated to witness an application growth rate of 5.12% up to 2025. Application of lipids in animal nutrition can be stated as a prime factor aiding this growth.

Likewise, veterinary medicines and vaccines industry for some years now is witnessing substantial growth. Lipids are often included in vaccines as active compounds. In 2018, the veterinary vaccines market was evaluated to be $7.5 billion and is projected to grow with a CAGR of a healthy 8.2% through to 2025. Apparently, the veterinary medicines are ingrained with the animal feed additives including lipids in order to suffice the nutritional needs of animals which is significantly driving the lipid nutrition market growth.

Demand for lipid nutrients increasing as the global vitamins and nutrition supplements market flourish:

Awareness among individuals pertaining to health has augmented the uptake of micronutrient enriched F&B products and health supplements that is supporting vitamins and nutrition supplements market growth. Since lipid nutrients such as Omega – 3 are vital elements in dietary supplement and nutraceutical, the market is leveraging this growth in adjacent industries. In 2017, the global health club industry was valued at about $87.2 billion. As a consequence, the demand for supplements fortified with lipid nutrients is increasing directly impacting the market.

Lipid Nutrition Market Companies:

Some of the key players with majority of the global lipid nutrition market shares are Koninklijke DSM N.V. (Netherlands), BASF SE (Germany), Nordic’s Naturals, Inc. (U.S.), Croda International Plc (U.K.), Cargill (U.S.), Archer Daniels Midland Company (U.S.), Kerry Group plc (Ireland), FMC Corporation (U.S.), Neptune Wellness Solutions (Canada), Aker BioMarine AS (Norway), Omega Protein Corporation (U.S.), FrieslandCampina (Netherlands), and Polaris Nutritional Lipids (France).


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