A Leap Forward To Digitization: Auto-Labeling Process Transforming The Automotive Sector:

The notion of autonomous vehicles has generated a trend of the technology revolution in the automotive sector. This has paved the way for future innovations and the adoption of advanced solutions such as automation and digitization in working processes. Significantly, this automation revolution has also offered multiple scopes for the global automotive labels market. The auto-labeling procedure limits the error associated with the conventional manual labeling processes. Besides, computerized control of label printing, fixing, and data entry eliminates the scope of misprinted and mislabeled parts thereby limiting any economic or asset loss in further procedures. With better accuracy, speed, and higher efficiency, auto-labeling is rapidly gaining access into the automotive sector in recent times thereby also complying with Industry 4.0 revolution. This paves way for the growth and demand of digital labels which are largely used in several automotive requirements such as safety notices, warnings, and so on. Unlike, the regular adhesive label which is subjected to detachment and cannot sustain tough conditions, digital labels are more relatable and effective. Consequently, it is hugely utilized by automotive OEMs owing to its high-quality performance and longevity. Subsequently, digital labeling is likely to influence the global automotive labels market demand and push forth the overall economic output. Furthermore, a type of pressure-sensitive label, digital labeling are known for its high durability and better fixation to most parts of the vehicles. For instance, Linker Networks recently launched its novel AI-driven auto-labeling service for the autonomous vehicle industry. This auto-labeling technology is integrated with Microsoft Azure and is claimed to provide auto-scaling compute, customize customer-specific labels, and increase the economic output of the company. Concurrently, the collaboration of digital technology and automation in delivering effective labeling techniques such as heat transfer labelling, pressure sensitive labelling, and in-mold labelling in the automotive sector is pushing forth the niche market growth prospects. Resultantly, the application of pressure-sensitive labels among other labeling techniques are estimated to increase at a CAGR of 2.2% during the forecast period of 2019-2025.

=>  Significant Technology Advent Enhancing Automotive Labeling:

The automotive label market is also experiencing growth with respect to the intervention of other technological advancements in this sector. Various automotive companies are also relying heavily on the label management software which significantly transforms the production, designing, printing, quality, and fixation of labels through digitized procedures. This also facilitates the custom development of labels such as barcode labels and polyester labels for vehicles and its parts which eventually increases the automotive labels market demand. Other significant developments include laser coding and inscribable labels technique which hugely benefits the modern automotive industry. The laser coding labels are highly advantageous in terms that they offer tamperproof solutions and also enables traceability features for the automotive sector. Consequently, these laser coding labeling gains a prominent place in the interiors of the car which include speedometer, buttons, and others. Besides, it offers application on hard-to-fix materials such as glass and rubber thereby making this technique a highly reliable option in the automotive sector. Also, the inscribable labels through laser technique offer solutions for label printing in specific components during the assembling process thereby eliminating the requirement for additional labeling steps. These advanced labeling processes positively impact the automotive labels market growth and demand.

The global Automotive Labels Market size stood at $5.7 billion as of 2018. With the huge growth of the automotive sector and the increasing production of vehicles across the world, there is a huge demand for effective labeling. Also, the advent of these revolutionary labeling procedures contributes to increasing the automotive labels market size in recent and forthcoming years. Besides, the automotive labels market is projected to grow at a 4.5% CAGR through to 2025.

The Growing Automotive Sector In APAC:

The Asia Pacific is dominating the global automotive labels market and contributed 37.5% regional share in 2018. The APAC region is one of the largest hubs for automotive manufacturing and distribution and even smaller country like India is contributing immensely to this growth prospects in recent times. Concurrently, with the rising demand and production of the vehicles, there is a huge scope for the domestic automotive labels market to propel and prosper in the APAC region. Among other parts of the APAC region, Southeast Asia is developing vehemently in the automotive sector. Also, the World Bank Organization estimates that the auto parts sales in India will cross $115 billion during the forecasted period of 2020-2021. Besides, China invests 51% on the R&D activities for the automotive sector whereas India spends 41% on it. Resultantly, huge economic output and massive investment in the automotive industry in APAC’s countries signify that the domestic automotive labels market will grow humongous in the forthcoming years.

Major Players And Their Contributions To The Automotive Labels Market:

The global automotive labels market share is largely influenced by the huge contributions and product innovations put forward by the leading companies. The major players in this market include CCL Industries Inc., 3M, Tesa SE- A Beiersdorf Company, Lewis Label Products, UPM Raflatac, Sika AG, ImageTek Labels, Avery Dennison Corporation, LINTEC Corporation, Seiko Holdings Corporation, and others.

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