The meat testing market growth will be propelled by rising incidences of cases of adulteration in food, and that is why testing methods like organoleptic evaluation are gaining prominence. Furthermore, the usage of instruments like electronic thermometer and electronic psychometer is become common in sensory testing and other tests of food. Food is highly contaminated in the current scenario where the world is highly reeling from the effects of environmental pollution. Since meat is derived from animals, it is highly prone to get infected by pathogens and cause the health crisis of epidemic scale. This has made it mandatory for food and beverage industries to test meat products in order to evade the mass spreading of health issues. The governments of different countries also have a key role to play in the growth of the meat testing market share by releasing stringent regulations related to properly examining meat before selling. Meat is a highly consumed product and with the advancements made in meat testing, it will continue to be sold at a greater pace. The world exported meat products worth $126 billion in 2018 which is reflective of the extraordinarily high consumption of meat throughout the human population.

In the current scenario, meat testing equipment has highly benefitted by advancements in technology. Using equipment that contains special analytical features, companies are able to identify species of meat, as well as the constituents, present inside them. These machines are also pivotal in the identification of the presence of pathogens inside meat products. Eurofins, a key market player has contributed to the increase in meat testing market share. In a first, the company has developed a traceability system called TAG (genotyping and traceability.) Using the analysis of DNA systems, this testing system is able to trace the meat product back to its animal source. Traceability systems of these kinds have helped in increasing meat testing market size considerably.
The Meat Testing Market size reached a revenue of $8.6 billion in 2018. The market share further has been estimated to grow with a CAGR of 7.6% during the forecast period 2019-2025. Furthermore, North America has been evaluated as the leading region of the meat testing market. In 2018, the region had a 36.8% share of the total revenue earned by the meat testing market globally.  
Stringent Governmental Regulations Pivotal in Guaranteeing Growth of Meat Testing Market
Apart from companies operating in the food industry, the national governments are also responsible for the assurance of safe consumption of meat products. Governments across the world have played an important role in binding meat production facilities with stringent laws that have helped in increasing sales of safe and not contaminated meat products. Some of the instances of government regulations for meat safety and production are:
=>  The HACCP system in the United States of America Has Accelerated Meat Testing Market Growth: The American population is vehemently concerned about not being aware of the origin of their meat products. This has become an important premise for increasing the testing of meat that can help consumers in making better and informed choices while buying meat products. In order to accomplish this, the government of the US has utilized scientific methods to more meat testing more accurate, one of which is the HACCP system. The HACCP system is being cited as an accurate method to test and certify meat for entrusting consumers. The system stands for hazard analysis critical control point and has been pivotal in reducing contamination of beef by microbes. The complex system in HACCP consists of critical points that test meat right from the origination to consumption.
=>  Meat Imports and Exports Laws in India Fuelling Meat Testing Market Growth: Exports of meat and its products in India are regulated under the Export Act of 1963. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India has a committee that carries out regular inspections of meat products and meat processing plants in order to ensure complete absence of pathogens. In the current scenario, the government of India has made it mandatory for every export consignment to be first passed by a compulsory microbiological test that assesses the presence of pathogens. Once these meat cuts are passed in the test, they are provided with an Animal Health certificate which states that the meat has been obtained from healthy animals. Raw meat, even if frozen is also mandatorily checked by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. These certifications and tests have provided growth to the meat testing market and will further have a positive impact.
Meat Testing Market: Competitive Landscape

The companies operating in the meat testing market are SGS, Eurofins, Bureau Veritas, Intertek, TUV SUD, ALS, Mérieux NutriSciences, AsureQuality, Romer Labs, LGC Limited, Genetic ID, and Microbac Laboratories.

=>  In December 2018, SGS announced a partnership with Licious in India. Licious is one of India’s top brands for the production of meat and seafood. SGS’s laboratories in India will assist Licious in testing the meat products before selling them. These labs work in accordance with the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

=>  Intertek has developed a special technology for detecting presence of campylobacter. Using real time polymerese chain reaction, detection of campylobacter has become easier. This is a pathogen that is considered one of the most common ones to exist and is completely food-borne. This pathogen tends to occur primarily in meat and poultry products, which is why the necessity for increasing its detection is rising.

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