Contaminated water consumption is the primary reason for many fatal deaths every year across the globe. Approximately 2.1 billion population globally had a shortage of safely managed drinking water services as of 2017. Drinking water which is contaminated with heavy metals is very harmful to health. Severe effects include nervous system damage, reduced growth and development, organ damage, cancer, and in severe cases, leads to death. Since the toxicological effects of heavy metals on infants and elderly people are quite unfavorable, hence the demand for heavy metal testing is growing considerably in the upcoming years. Diarrhea, which is commonly caused by gastrointestinal infections that kill 2.2 million population around the globe annually. Increasing the need to supply safe drinking water is the key factor fueling the growth of the heavy metal testing market. Increasing levels of pollution and the use of chemicals across various industries cause heavy metals toxicity, which may be seen as a threat to individuals as well as the environment. This, in turn, is likely to increase the heavy metal testing market share in the upcoming years.

The global Heavy Metal Testing Market size was valued at $2.9 billion as of 2018 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 7.2% throughout the forecast period 2019-2025.

The growing consumer awareness among the consumers about the side effects of the heavy metals is helping to grow the demand for the heavy metal testing market share around the globe. Owing to the growing industrialization and subsequently, degradation of the air, land, and water quality is increasing the heavy metal poisoning incidents around the globe. Several types of heavy metals are beneficial to a living being in small quantities, such as zinc, iron, copper, manganese, and chromium are essential for the better functioning of the human body. However, if these metals accumulate in the large amount inside the body, then cause a problem to a living being. Moreover, few heavy metals as cadmium, lead, mercury, and arsenic are completely harmful to the living being. The Tensile test is used to determine the behavior of the material under optimum temperature and pressure. Atomic absorption spectroscopy technique is used to detect heavy metal traces such as arsenic, aluminum, and lead in drinking water supplies effectively.

Recent Developments in the Heavy Metal Testing:

·ALS Limited, an Australian-based diverse analytical testing provider has introduced a sampling container for mercury testing in the water on July, 2019. This new 60 ml glass container consists of a small quantity of hydrochloric acid, which converts this heavy metal into a stable form. So that it won’t be lost by sorption to the container walls throughout the sampling and analysis process.

·EMSL Analytical, Inc., an American-based environmental and food testing company has received the CDC’s Certificate of Proficiency for legionella testing on Dec, 2017. EMSL provides testing for lead, VOC’s, asbestos, food, beverage and consumer products, and other waterborne pathogens.

·In February 2017, Applied Technical Services, Inc. European-based engineering, testing, and inspection services provider have announced acquisition with Project Services, LLC an American provides services to the paper industry such as project management, and contractor management. With this acquisition, ATS expands its footprint in the southeast as project services have various clients in this region.

Europe Holding Major Share of the Heavy Metal Testing Market

Europe generated 38.5% of the heavy metal testing market global revenue in 2018. Increasing food product recalls and cases of illness and hospitalizations caused by heavy metal contaminated food products are other factors driving heavy metal testing market growth in this region. Food items containing heavy metal contaminants to an amount intolerable and in specific at a toxicological level is not to be placed on the market for sale. These factors are motivating the food processors to adopt a global standard of the material testing parameter to ensure that their products are as per the guidelines of the governments. Active involvement of governments and regulatory bodies in monitoring heavy metal levels in food and water supplies also influencing the growth of the heavy metal testing market in the European region.  

The application segment that will be creating the most lucrative opportunities for the heavy metal testing market is the food sector. This application segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% through to 2025. Around 600 million population which constitutes about 1 in 10 people in the world, falls ill after consuming contaminated or unsafe food with children under the age 5 having higher risks of attaining foodborne diseases. The increasing demand for safe food products which do not contain the heavy metal than the prescribed limit is the key factor influencing the growth of the heavy metal testing market. Cadmium metal testing in food products which conducted due to its presence in most vegetables, fruits, meat, cereals, and fish. This heavy metal contaminant is found at the highest levels in the offal of mammals.

Growing incidences of heavy metal contamination in meat and meat-based products due to contaminated animal feed, active involvement of government and regulatory bodies to monitor heavy metal levels in food products. The growing need for the metal screen in livestock feed and the introduction of cost-effective advanced technologies for quick and reliable test results offering new opportunities for heavy metal testing market players. Nowadays, confiscating low, yet highly toxic levels of mercury from massive amounts of drinking water supplies has become a significant challenge. Mercury testing service providers are leveraging every relatable approach to capitalize on the growing demand for precise heavy metal testing services that validate food samples in the food industry. Additionally, growing awareness about the importance of mercury testing services in determining mercury content in drinking water and in an array of food products, such as dairy products, meat, and cereals, and eliminating its hazardous effects, is creating lucrative revenues for market players, which in turn, incite the growth of the heavy metal testing industry. Hence, there is a growing necessity to check the presence of heavy metals in the end food products, so that consumers can get safe food.

The Major Players in the Heavy Metal Testing Market:

Prominent players in the heavy metal testing market include AsureQuality Limited, ALS Limited, Eurofins Scientific, EMSL Analytical Inc., Intertek Group plc, IFP Institut Für Produktqualität, LGC Group, Merieux NutriSciences, Microbac Laboratories, OMIC USA, SGS S.A., and TÜV SÜD.

Mergers and acquisitions are the other key strategies adopted by the players to stay ahead of their competitors. ALS Limited, Australian-based diverse analytical testing provider has announced its acquisition with Felsilab S.r.l. an Italy-based environmental testing and consultancy services provider on Aug 06, 2018. With this acquisition, ALS has enhanced its testing and consultancy services in the European region. EMSL Analytical Inc., an American-based environmental and food testing company has announced its acquisition with Pace Analytical Services, Inc., analytical testing solutions provider on Jan, 2018. With this acquisition, both the companies’ have started their focus on providing high-quality laboratory testing services to the clients. Such mergers and acquisitions aid the market players to expand their geographical boundaries and accentuate their footprint into the global heavy metal testing market.

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