According to the market research report by IndustryARC titled “Cleaning And Disinfection Robots Market: (2020–2025),” the global Cleaning And Disinfection Robots Market is driven by different factors such as increasing population along with the increase in spread of diseases. To overcome the spread of diseases and infections, various organizations are using these robots to prevent the spread of contagious diseases and pathogens by using UV robots.

North America to have a major share in the Global Cleaning And Disinfection Robots Market
North America dominated the Cleaning And Disinfection Robots Market due to the presence of major industrial development in that region. Increasing number of infections and spread of contagious diseases in commercial and residential areas have led to the rise in adoption of cleaning machines and robots. Moreover, stringent government regulations to maintain hygiene in that region is also contributing in its growth. In March 2020, a hospital staffed by robots opened in the Hungshan Sports Center in Wuhan China to help people fight against Covid-19.

Selected/Sample Analysis done in the full Report
The Cleaning And Disinfection Robots Market is segmented into By Type, By End-User and By Geography. By type it is further segmented into Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor and Ultraviolet Light. Among these the Ultraviolet Light robots accounts for major market share due to its ability to disinfect faster and effectively. Also, more hospitals are buying such robots to kill bacteria and avoid the spread of infection. The end-user sub-segments are residential, commercial, healthcare, industrial and others. 

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Excerpts on Market Growth Factors
  • The Ultraviolet Robot are used due to their efficiency in cleaning cycles and preventing the spread of infectious diseases, virus, bacteria and other types of microorganisms. They are widely used in hospitals and industries.
  • The use of Disinfectant robots in hospital has increased over the past few months due to spread of Covid-19 around the world. Furthermore, to prevent the spread of coronavirus through hospitals, keeping surfaces disinfected is incredibly important. Thus hospital segment is estimated to be the fastest growing by end user segment.
  • The market for Disinfectant Robot is driven in North America due to major industrial developments in that region. Increased risk of communicable diseases in such industries and rising regulations regarding this is said to be driving the market in the coming years.

Key players of the Global Cleaning And Disinfection Robots Market
Technological advancements are the key strategy adopted by players of the Disinfectant Robots Market. Disinfectants Robots key companies are Bioquell Inc.,Blue Ocean Robotics Norway As, Clorox Co and Ultraviolet devices, Ecovacs Robotics Inc, Intellibot Robotics LLC, IRobot Corporation, Lumalier Corp.

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