Rising advancements towards lawful intercept solutions is anticipated to boost the Lawful Interception Market during the forecast period 2020-2025. Lawful Interception Market is forecast to reach $4537 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 14.99% during the forecast period 2020-2025

The Lawful Interception Market is growing at a significant rate due to growing penetration of internet services, thus increasing the rate of crime activities globally. Due to advancement in crimes nowadays, there is a high need towards more efficient and effective intercept solutions which are capable of offering optimum data visualization alongside reducing the need for various kinds of mediation devices. Such advancements are further set to boost the demand for lawful interception solutions in the long run due to optimization of intercept capabilities within law enforcement agencies or governing bodies.
Rising advancements in the field of lawful intercept based solutions have been contributing towards uplifting the standards of lawful interception operations and is further analyzed to drive the market demand during the forecast period 2020-2025. Lawful intercept solutions have been facing high demands as it acts as an end-to-end solution for collection, processing, analysis as well as visualization of data within a single interface. Usage of such solutions will eventually help the law enforcement or signal intelligence agencies as well as intelligence organizations to meet demanding application requirements including call tapping, IP addressing and others with utmost accuracy and precision within shorter time intervals, minimizing the complexities. Rising investments towards developing advanced solutions with high-end support towards demanding applications across law agency environments have been causing a positive impact on the growth of lawful interception. In 2020, a major market player named SS8 Networks had announced of launching a virtualized end-to-end intelligence platform which can meet the demands of 5G data volumes with complex monitoring need. This cloud based solution was designed by combining network mediation capabilities such as speed and reliability with extending support for all types of internet connected devices and mission critical communications. With approval or testing done under law enforcement agency environment, the market for the cloud lawful intercept solution is anticipated to create higher demands for conducting lawful interception work operations over the forecast period.
North America holds a major share in the global lawful interception market due to growing dominance of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others, thus causing increased rate of criminal activities within the region. SS8 Networks, VOCAL Technologies Ltd., Subsentio LLC and many others are some of the major market players which offer a wide range of high-end lawful intercept solutions, thus adding to the market growth of lawful interception. Moreover, various government regulatory laws in order to curb the rising rate of criminal offenses within the region have been also positively impacting the need towards conducting lawful interception operations. Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, Federal Intelligence Agencies operating in U.S are allowed to conduct wiretapping operations with approvals from the court with secret proceedings. Such policies are proving highly beneficial for the law enforcement/government bodies to collect evidence for crime suspects without causing interception procedure delays, thus driving the growth of lawful interception market across the country.

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Lawful Interception Market Growth Drivers:
  • Governmental measures towards improving lawful interception activities
Rising government initiatives or policies for improving lawful interception services across various countries has been acting as one of the major drivers towards the growth in lawful interception market. Law enforcement agencies are getting setup across different countries of the world along with implementation of stringent regulations for conducting impactful lawful interception, in order to prevent various criminal activities. Governmental regulations across countries such as U.S, China and many others towards providing the lawful investigation agencies access of private communication data in order to collect evident information for crime suspects is been driving the high growth towards improving lawful intercept services within the countries. In 2020, the Nigerian government had announced of implementing a law for allowing broad interception powers regarding certain electronic communications. Under this regulatory law, the government will provide approvals related to intercepting communication without appropriate safeguards or oversight mechanisms, thus making it inviolable for accessing private data information. Such governmental measures will eventually prove beneficial for boosting the growth of lawful interception market over the forecast period. 
  • Growing advancement towards telecom networks
Growing advancements in the field of telecom networks such as 5G evolution will serve as a major driving factor towards causing a significant growth in the lawful interception market. With various countries such as U.S, China, France and many others have started making efforts towards 5G deployments in order to optimize the network communication standards. Due to rising shift towards 5G by majority of the communication service providers, the need towards enhancing lawful interception capabilities will further drive the demand for advanced intercept solutions in the long run. Moreover, advancements towards telecom networks such as 5G are making the network architecture more fragmented and virtualized, thus creating high complexities during lawful intercept operations. As a part of this, in 2019, BAE Systems had introduced a cloud-native platform which can address the challenges of 5G and network function virtualization through cloud computing and high performance software virtualization capabilities. Such developments had been creating high deployment across next-generation mobile networks and are further set to mark more demands for such solutions over the forecast period 2020-2025.

R&D Investment:
In August 2020, SS8 Networks had announced the launch of its Intellego XT product portfolio with addition of scalable real-time metadata analysis and advanced metadata queries, as a part of increasing data processing volumes along with high processing speed.
In June 2018, Aqsacom had announced of providing a distributed approach for managing multi-national lawful cyber intelligence compliance with its software based cyber intelligence solution. This had helped the communication service providers to streamline their operations along with reducing deployment costs during involvement of multiple jurisdictions.

The Major Players in this Market Include
The major companies in the lawful interception market include SS8 Networks, BAE Systems, AQSACOM SA, Matison, IPS S.P.A, Subsentio LLC, Ericsson, VOCAL Technologies Ltd., Yaana Technologies, Utimaco TS GmbH among others. In January 2020, SS8 Networks had announced of introducing its new virtualized end-to-end lawful intelligence platform which will help in meeting the requirements related to 5G data volumes and complex monitoring need.
As the lawful interception market is in its growing stage, advancements such as shift towards cloud based lawful interception solutions for minimizing the dependency towards mediation devices such as routers, switches, probes and many others is set to boost the market growth during the forecast period. Moreover, governmental policies/ initiatives towards enhancing the standards of lawful interception activities have been causing a positive impact towards curbing the rising number of criminal activities worldwide.

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