Growing shift towards smart farming in order to boost the agricultural sector across Europe region are anticipated to boost the Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Actuators Market during the forecast period 2021-2026. Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Actuators Market is analyzed to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period 2021-2026 to reach $22,269.68 million.

Pneumatic control systems are capable of eliminating leakage concerns related to oil or hydraulic fluids, alongside low maintenance requirements and long operating lives, thus gaining it wide popularity among various end-use applications, compared to hydraulic ones. With surge of agricultural product or equipment prices, shift towards smart farming can contribute towards new growth opportunities for the Europe hydraulics, pneumatics and actuators market.

Trends like smart farming as a part of increasing agricultural output is analyzed to act as a major factor driving the growth of hydraulics, pneumatics and actuators market during the forecast period 2021-2026. Agricultural input components such as plant protection, soil improvers and many others have been facing significant reduction over the years, which make it highly essential to minimize usage of agricultural products while maintaining crop productivity, thereby impacting the growth of advanced controlled farming equipment. In addition, rise of agriculture product prices as well as initiatives towards reducing adverse environmental impacts have acted as the prime factors to pressurize EU-policy makers adopt innovative or smart technology in order to increase agri-sector competitiveness in the long run. With smart farming shift, there is substantial growth of different farm machinery tools incorporating hydraulics or pneumatics to be used for serving applications like crop protection, land tilling, ploughing and so on. In 2020, New Holland Agriculture, an Italian agriculture machinery vendor had launched a CH7.70 combine, capable of incorporating crossover harvesting concept with outstanding Twin Rotor separation technology, in a move towards creating a capacity benchmark for mid-range combines. The drum speed of the combine machine can be controlled easily from a cab through a heavy-duty hydraulic drum variator, which enables the operator to ensure perfectly matched speed with crop as well as field conditions. Such developments can create new opportunities for the agriculture industry to shift towards smart farming hydraulic actuated farming equipment across Europe in the long run.

Germany holds a major share of hydraulics, pneumatics and actuators market owing to some of the key market players, namely Burkert Fluid Control Systems, Bosch Rexroth AG and many others adopting strategies such as partnerships or R&D activities. Factors including governmental support towards advancing aerospace & defense sector, rise of construction activities, and so on were some of the major drivers which attributed towards this market growth. As per statistical data from Federal Statistical Office, construction output in Germany increased from 10.4% in December 2020 to 3.8% in November 2020, showing high prevalence of construction industry, thus creating need for various construction equipment be it excavators, dump trucks, cranes and so on which work on hydraulic or pneumatic principles. In 2019, Liebherr, a German manufacturing company, announced about introducing a medium-class truck-mounted concrete pump, 42 M5 XXT, coupled with compactness and versatility. In order to ensure machine flexibility as well as operating efficiency, particularly for constricted sites, this pump was incorporated with a quieter, simpler and robust hydraulic drive unit. Such advancements were meant to reduce the usage of hydraulic hoses or related parts, thereby making it an ideal choice for conducting construction activities with maximum output levels.

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Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Actuators Market Growth Drivers:

Rise of construction projects related to chemical industries

Construction projects such as building new production facilities of chemical industries can be considered as a one of the major driving factors towards impacting the growth of Europe hydraulics, pneumatics and actuators market during the forecast period. Applications such as chemical disinfection, transportation or pumping systems, production of dyes, agrochemicals and so on incorporate a broad range of hydraulic or pneumatic systems, which will be driving the need for varied industrial machinery within the new constructed facilities. Owing to its hazardous environment, the shift towards automating chemical production, storage or transportation processes to support automation had been also creating a positive impact towards higher adoption of hydraulic/pneumatic pumps, actuators, compressors and so on. In 2021, Kemira Ovi had revealed about completion of a capacity expansion of its water-treatment chemical production in UK. Prior to this facility expansion, the company aims at increasing annual production of ferric-based water treatment chemicals by 1000,000 tons from September 2021, which is further poised to drive the need for new industrial equipment based on hydraulic or pneumatic actuation principles in the long run.

Growth of aerospace & defense sector within Europe region

Growth of aerospace and defense sector can be considered as one of the major factors driving the market growth of hydraulics, pneumatics and actuators across Europe region. Both ccommercial and military aircraft applications require the deployment of pumps, valves, pressure switches and others, for powering of primary components and systems within the aviation industry. Since these systems serve a prime factor for operating aircrafts, military planes and so on, owing to supporting application areas like controlling wing flaps, control of doors as well as braking systems, the market demands towards hydraulic or pneumatic actuated systems have been significantly growing over the years. Additionally, in 2019, European Council had revealed about undertaking thirteen collaborative projects, including development of airborne electronic attack systems for manned or unmanned aircrafts, space based early warning systems, endo-atmospheric interceptors capable of detecting, tracking or countering aerial threats and so on, under the Permanent Structured Cooperation on Defense and Security Council (PESCO). Under this, government had planned of investing about EUR 4.1 billion for research and EUR 8.9 billion for developing military capabilities, which are further set to drive the demand towards various hydraulic or pneumatic actuation based systems.

R&D Investment:

In February 2021, Eaton announced about the launch of a sectional load sense relief valve for its CLS mobile hydraulic control valve, capable of limiting individual section pressure through feed oil reduction, alongside offering improved machine productivity.

In September 2020, Emerson announced about the launch of ASCO Series 273 pinch valve, as a part of expanding its extensive pneumatic valve product offering. With capability of serving varied single use batch applications, these valves can be used within bioreactor or fermentation tanks, tangential flow filters and other drug discovery lab applications.

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The Major Players of Market Include

The major companies in the Packaging Printing market include Bosch Rexroth AG, Enerpac Tool Group (Actuant Corporation), Danfoss, Eaton Corporation plc, Moog Inc., SMC Corporation, KURODA Pneumatics Ltd., ABB, Emerson Electric Co. and Burkert Fluid Control Systems among others.

In January 2021, Danfoss Group had revealed about completing the acquisition of a Scotland based hydraulics specialist, named Artemis Intelligent Power. This acquisition was meant to help the company towards the development of hydraulic pumps, motors and systems incorporating features like high efficiency, controllability as well as design flexibility.

In May 2020, Burkert had revealed about the development of a pressure controller, named Type 8763, capable of serving areas such as precision dosing of micro liter volumes for medical or pharmaceutical applications.

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