Increasing Demand for Abrasives in Metallurgy Sector will Promote Abrasives Growth in North America. North America Abrasives Market size is forecast to reach US$5,782.6 million by 2026, after growing at a CAGR of 3.2% during 2021-2026.

Abrasives are used in the shaping and finishing of a variety of items for a broad range of applications. Even though processed abrasives are normally more costly, they have proven to be more cost efficient due to their toughness and performance.

According to United States Geological Survey (USGS), the amount of crude fused aluminium oxide production was calculated to be $1.7 million in 2020. The value of crude silicon carbide output was calculated to be around $26 million in 2020. Whereas, Metallic abrasive output was projected to be worth around $120 million in 2020. The majority of abrasive applications of fused aluminium oxide and silicon carbide is in bonded and coated abrasive materials. Steel shot and grit, as well as cut wire shot, are the most popular metallic abrasives used in sandblasting, peening, and stonecutting applications.

The emergence of COVID-19, which is declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, is having a noticeable impact on global economic growth. Several abrasive producers in the North American region were forced to shut down their production facilities and services as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, as governments implemented partial or complete lockdown policies to combat the epidemic. In addition, some delays in the fabrication and manufacturing of automotive and aerospace components occurred as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic and related exigencies, which reduced demand for abrasive manufacturing indirectly. However, demand for abrasive manufacturing was unaffected in the medical & healthcare sector, since COVID-19 propagated shortages of medical supplies throughout the world, causing a surge in demand for additive manufacturing during the pandemic.

The United States holds a major share of the North America Abrasives market owing to the construction and metallurgical industry. In addition, the United States possesses the world's largest aerospace industry. The entire commercial aircraft fleet is predicted to grow from 7,397 in 2018 to 8,270 by 2037, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Moreover, as the existing fleet ages, the US mainliner carrier fleet is predicted to grow at a rate of 54 aircraft per year, which will present prospects for the abrasives industry. Furthermore, the Canadian government has set aside US$81.2 billion to improve commercial and public infrastructure as part of its ‘Invest in Canada' plan. As a result, the abrasives business climate in Canada is favorable, owing to favorable regulatory conditions and strong growth in the construction industry.

The mining sector in Canada is one of the greatest in the world, producing over 60 minerals and metals. Over the last three years, the country's mining activity have increased. The mining sector alone contributed US$109 billion to the country's GDP in 2019. The consistent rise in the industry is benefiting North America abrasives market growth. Mexico is the one of the largest producers of auto parts, with annual revenues of US$99 billion, and the largest export market for US auto parts. According to the Mexican Automotive Industry Association, Mexico will be the world's fifth-largest vehicle producer by 2025. As abrasives are widely utilized in the manufacturing and finishing of automotive parts, the industry's growth will have an influence on the North America abrasives market growth.

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North America Abrasives Market Growth Drivers:

Flourishing Building and Construction Sector

In the building and construction industry, abrasives are used for heavy-duty applications such as grinding, drilling, cutting, and sanding. These abrasives are embedded in machine tools such as masonry, floor, tile, and handheld saws, core drilling machines, floor grinders, and power trowels for cutting reinforced concrete, tiles, stone, and granite. The building and construction activities are increasing at a lucrative rate in the North American countries. For instance, according to the USA Census Bureau, the seasonally adjusted annual pace of privately owned housing starts in November was 1,547,000. This is 1.2 percent (8.5%) higher than the updated October estimate of 1,528,000, and 12.8 percent (11.3%) higher than the November 2019 rate of 1,371,000. With a 13.2 percent increase in house starts in 2020, the Midwest area of the United States was the best performer.

Following several years of reductions in housing starts, both multifamily and single-family starts increased in the Midwest. Housing starts also increased in the South and Northwest regions in 2020, with growth rates of 7.5 percent and 6.2 percent, respectively. Housing starts in the Northeast fell by 2.8 percent, owing to a 12.8 percent drop in multifamily housing starts. In 2020, an expected 811,000 new residences was sold. This is up by 18.8% over the previous year's record of 683,000. With 23% fewer properties for sale in December 2020 than in December 2019, inventory is at an all-time low.

The Market is Being Driven by Increasing Adoption from the Automotive and Machinery Industries

The market will expand due to increased product demand from abrasive-material-using industries such as automotive and machinery. Factors such as the increased usage of abrasives materials in a variety of industries, such as metal fabrication, machine maintenance, and mechanical operations, are driving the market.

In the automotive industry, diamond abrasive materials are preferred for crushing and mending to reduce polishing time, improve the external surface, and impart a gleaming look. In the anticipated time period, the rise of the automobile industry is predicted to directly increase the need for abrasive materials.

The Major Players in this Market Include

The major companies in the North America Abrasives market include 3M Company, Saint Gobain S.A, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., Hermes Schlefmittel Gmbh, Flexovit USA, Inc, Abrasive Technology Inc, Vereinigte Schmirgel-und Maschinen-Fabriken AG (VSM), Radiac Abrasives, A Tyrolit Abrasives, Metabo Gmbh, Grier Abrasive Co., Inc. The key focus of the companies has shifted towards partnership and product launch. 

In September 2020, RPM International Inc. acquired Ali Industries, LLC, a leading manufacturer of sandpaper and other abrasives. Gator Finishing Solutions, a division of Ali Industries, is a market-leading innovator of finishing products for power sanding, manual sanding, cutting and grinding, and floor sanding. Its products have a wide range of applications, including wood, metal, and paint. The acquisition will strengthen the position of RPM International Inc., in the United States into Abrasive business.

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