Rise in demand for E-commerce and Online Media combined with Covid-19 driven Work From Home during the forecast period 2021-2026. Cloud Content Delivery Network market is expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 25.8% during the forecast period 2021-2026.  Exponentially increasing internet penetration in all the industry verticals along with the increasing utilization of this type of delivery network for traffic handling and latency reduction owing to their effective data handling has been stimulating the market growth across the globe. With media delivery and web performance optimization solutions, users can flawlessly view and access the high definition video content. Various web elements such as video, software updates, games, social media and other content can be delivered more efficiently without building out costly infrastructure. Social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter and others are also one of the reason increasing internet traffic.  Approximately, 1500 million are registered users in social networking sites currently. Growing demand from audiences for accessing online audio and videos coupled with flawless viewing experiences on any devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and others to accelerate the content delivery network market

The market is poised to be driven by growing SMEs which opt for cloud CDNs and P2P CDNs owing to its cost effectiveness and flexibility. The growth is also estimated to be assisted by increasing access of internet through smartphones and portable computing devices for gaming and media consumption. Penetration of large scale e-commerce websites along with the consumers’ preferences for online shopping is also pushing for the employment of CDNs by the mobile companies which has boosted the market growth in this region. By 2019, global B2C ecommerce sales reached $2 trillion. This was further driven significantly by Covid-19. A website with a CDN can better handle sharp spikes in traffic, like those during sales or big events, by distributing and directing traffic over its available servers. CDN takes it one step further with its Dynamic Web Acceleration service, a proprietary language that compresses round trips between the user’s interface and origin servers.

Due to Covid-19 situation, there is an increase in work from home options, which can directly and indirectly lead to higher media consumption. Remote classes and training plans also will contribute to increased IP traffic, which will lead to higher utilization of CDNs across countries. As consumers demand ever-greater amounts of high-quality content over the Internet, service providers (SPs) are finding it difficult to increase revenues while containing costs. This is due mainly to two trends: (1) over-the-top (OTT) content providers have outsourced the delivery of content to pure-play content delivery network (CDN) companies, and (2) traffic growth (with no resulting revenue benefit) is increasing network build-out and maintenance costs for SPs.

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Cloud CDN Market Growth Drivers:

CDN can decrease loading time, website latency and handle traffic spikes

Over the course of the last decade, the number of internet users worldwide has tripled from 1 billion in 2005 to 4 billion in 2019. With an expanding user base and global audience, websites need to ensure content is available no matter the amount of traffic or distance from the origin website servers. The distributed network of servers that make up a CDN can decrease loading time, website latency and handle traffic spikes. On a global scale, IndustryARC is forecasting more than two-third of the world’s population will have a smartphone by 2025. By comparison, in 2011, this percentage hovered at about 10 percent. A dynamic CDN optimized for mobile content delivery assists in providing users with a smooth and speedy interaction with a website.

The Major Players in this Market Include

The major companies in the Water and Heat Meters Market include iScaler Ltd., Chinacache, Akamai Technologies Inc., Wangsu Science & Technology Co Ltd, Amazon Web Services Inc., CenturyLink Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd.,MaxCDN, Limelight Networks Inc.,Fastly Inc.,Alphabet Inc. (Google Inc.),Hibernia Networks, Verizon Communication Inc., CDNetworks Co Ltd, Tata Communications Ltd., Internap Japan Co. Ltd., Cloudflare Inc. among others. In June 2019, Anevia had announced launch of a cloud native content delivery network solution to enable easy deployment of CDN by delivering high quality services, even in peak traffic. 

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