Textile raw materials are the primary components used in the manufacturing of textile items relating to apparel, technical textiles, housing textiles, etc. Such material based on origin is classified into two types i.e., natural fibers consisting of vegetable, mineral, animal fiber, and man-made fibers consisting of synthetic and regenerated fiber. The textile sector in Germany is considered as one of the most prominent manufacturing sectors and Germany is counted among the major exporters of textiles items. The major textile items Germany trade-in is garments and fashionwear including various clothing and apparels items like shirts, jeans, trousers, etc. The high technical innovation in textile manufacturing provides Germany to have high-grade clothing, and due to evolving fashion trends, increase in living standards the demand for such high-quality textiles has increased both domestically and in the export market. The German textile sector is a notable manufacturer of finished garments and also consists of one of the world’s most significant consumers market for the sales of fashion products. For instance, as per Eurostat, in 2020, Germany was the biggest apparel and garment exporter in Europe with a total export of US$16.9 billion.  Moreover, as per another report of Eurostat, in 2018, the clothing manufacturing of Germany stood at US$2.62 billion whereas finished garments and fashion apparels manufacturing stood at US$3.54 billion second-largest behind Italy. Also, in 2019, the total consumer's consumption in Germany on clothing, footwear, and others fashion apparel stood at US$90.3 billion, hence making Germany the second-highest spender on such textile items in Europe. The growing consumption of such textile items on account of growing demand will lead to an increase in the production scale of these items, resulting in more usage of textile raw materials. Hence, this will have a positive impact on the growth of the textile raw material market in Germany.

The textile market of Germany is highly integrated with world markets through significant import and export of textiles and apparels products. German textile companies focus to deliver high-quality standards in their clothing items and the growing technical innovations, creative design used in German textile manufacturing, have led to an increase in overseas demand for German textiles especially for apparel and clothing. Hence, this has led to an increase in the textile export of Germany. The growing demand in the international market for high qualitative German clothing and apparels items will lead to an increase in the production output of such items to cater to the growing international demand. This will result in an increase in usage of textile raw materials such as fibers and fabrics, thereby majorly boosting the growth textile raw material market in Germany. 

The consumer market in Germany also follows the trend of online shopping, which has become a key reason for keeping the clothing items consumption steady among Germans. Unlike traditional stores shopping, online shopping enables customers to shop on as many channels as possible and also provides them with various options. The rapid technological advancements have shifted the shopping methods for people from traditional to digital, especially for the millennials and generation Z who are very tech-savvy. Hence, this has led to an increase in e-commerce retail of textiles especially fashionwear and durable versatile garments like T-shirts and shirts. For instance, as per Eurostat, in June 2020, the share of online fashion sales in Germany increased to 32% as compared to 4% for the same month in 2019. The increase in online consumption of fashion apparel items will lead to an increase in the demand for such items, especially in the younger generation. Hence, this will lead to an increase in the production scale of fashion products, resulting in high usage of textile raw materials in their production, thereby providing a major boost to the growth of the textile raw material market in Germany.

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Textile Raw Material Market in Germany Growth - Drivers

Growing usage of cutting-edge textile manufacturing techniques

Textile manufacturing based on technical innovations creates a new business model and opportunities for textile companies as it enables the companies to move away from the traditional process of textile manufacturing. The textile industry of Germany has witnessed a gradual journey from having low-tech production machinery to high-tech advanced machinery productions. Various initiatives and collaboration between textile companies are being done to digitize the textile manufacturing process. For instance, in 2018, “High-Tex from Germany” hosted by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy showed that 66 companies from German textiles, textile-machinery, and German technologies displayed their textile innovations in the field of technical textiles, textile processing machines, and smart textiles. The growing innovative capacity of German textile companies has made the German textile industry expand its market position in promising business areas, thereby increasing its market share as well as demand for German textiles. Hence, this will increase the production activities in the German textile industry, thereby having a positive impact on the textile raw material market in Germany.

The Major Players in this Market Include

The major companies in the textile raw material market in Germany include Heytex Bramsche GmBH, TWD Fibers, The Fiber Co. Arranmore, Gebr Otto Baumwollfeinzwirnerei GmBH, Setex textile GmBH, Coats Thread Germany GmBH, Delius GmBH & Co. KG, Mehler Engineered Products, Spandauer Velours GmBH & Co. KG, Zwickauer Kammgarn GmBH.

In 2016, Zwickauer Kammgarn in collaboration with Helmut Peterseim Strickwren GmBH developed an innovative new yarn for knitted textiles that aims to give maximum comfort and has excellent insulation properties.

In 2017, Coats Thread Germany GmBH acquired Patrick Yarn Mill which is a manufacturer of high-performance engineered yarn based in the US and the acquisition will provide opportunities for Coats thread to expand its existing performance material portfolios.

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