The market was growing at a significant rate owing to the increasing consumer demand for online shopping, resulting in an increase in the requirement for packing and a surge in the use of plastic packaging.  The act of wrapping a product to protect it from damage, leakage, dust, pollution, and contamination is known as packaging. It helps with product identification, definition, and advertising while also ensuring its safety and marketability. Food and beverage, cosmetics, and healthcare are just a few of the industries that use packaging solutions. With a rising variety of reusable choices, the packaging industry is constantly and consistently producing more sustainable solutions for its products. Packaging has gained popularity in a variety of industries because of its benefits, which include long shelf life and durability. The Germany Packaging Market generated revenue of $33,562.5 Million in 2016 over the study period 2016-2020. 

Owing to a lack of a comparable level of cost-effective replacement is currently available options, the market for packaging solutions is quickly developing. In 2018, Germany produced 227.5 kilos of packaging waste per capita, more than any other country owing to changes in consumer behaviour. The packaging industry in Germany is well-known for its widespread application in the food industry. Demand for rigid plastic packaging in food, notably dairy, meat, and ready-to-eat meals, is increasing as consumers opt for items that give convenience, protection, and simplicity of transportation.

Flexible packaging is cost-effective and low weight, guaranteeing product freshness while giving convenience (zip locks, re-sealable seals, and easy to handle), especially in food products such as bakery, cereals, confectionery, and dairy food. Furthermore, the need for food that is easy to grip, hold, eat, or carry is increasing. As a result, manufacturers are putting in extra effort to make food packaging portable in order to meet this demand, which enhances the packaging sector's demand in Germany.

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Germany Packaging Market Growth Drivers

Rising Demand of Products Supply From E-Commerce Gave Rise to the Demand of Packaging That Has Readily Aided The Market Growth

Online fashion is the most popular product category in Germany. In Germany, consumers generally prefer online shopping owing to their proper packaging so, manufacturers are increasing the use of packaging in every industry. This trend is continued to grow that is leading to the increased use of plastic packaging. Recently, consumers have expressed a need for items that are properly packaged, thus manufacturers have responded by producing novel packaging solutions to attract customers, thereby increasing the packaging industry's demand. 

Rising Demand of Plastic Packaging Among Frozen food Manufacturers Owing To Its Capability To Provide Increased Self Life to Products Is Set To Drive The Market Growth

Plastic packaging is becoming more popular among German consumers, as it is lighter and easier to handle. Its demand has gained significant traction with the upsurge in the frozen food industry as plastic packaging provides increased self-life to frozen food products providing new growth avenues to the German plastic packaging market. Similarly, due to the low cost of production, the majority of the manufacturers prefer to adopt plastic packaging solutions. Plastic packaging is further becoming more popular among German consumers, as it provides an attractive appearance to the products along with the tensile strength. Similarly, because of the low cost of production, even large companies choose to use plastic packaging. According to the German Plastics Packaging Industry Association, plastic packaging sales in Germany increased by roughly 5.1 percent in 2020 compared to 2019.

R&D Investment:

In February 2019, Amcor Limited launched Genesis, a new in-store recyclable laminate solution. The company, with this product, targeted a wide range of segments, including fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen food, dried fruits, nuts, confectionery, chilled goods, and pet food. The product was adaptable to a variety of packaging types and is appropriate for use in the medical, home, and personal care markets.

The Major Players in this Market Include

The major companies in the Germany Packaging market include Greif, Inc., Alpa, Berry Global Inc., Auer Packaging, Daklapack Deutschland, Gerresheimer AG, Plastibac, SHB GmbH, Klann Packaging GmbH, Systempack Manufaktur GmbH and among others.

Over the years, major market players have focused on different types of packaging products owing to its rising demand in e-commerce. The launch of new market companies, adequate funding, and government-aided policies helped in the innovation of packaging materials. The continuous developments in the frozen food and ready-to-eat industry are the major factors set to drive the Germany Packaging Market over the historical period 2016-2020.

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