U.S Mobile Phone Charging Market is set to rise from $2.9 Billion in 2021 to $5.3 Billion in 2027. With changing consumer preferences and shift towards high-end mobile phones or laptops with long battery backup, various leading consumer electronics manufacturers have been already investing on developing innovative products, coupled with affordability, 5G compatibility, fast charging power and others. Coupled with such benefits, there is significant investment on development of these products from time to time, capturing U.S market place, alongside boosting the demand foe essential accessories like chargers. In June 2021, one of the America’s 5G leader, T-Mobile had revealed about the launch of most affordable 5G smartphone, named REVVL V+ 5G in the U.S. Development of this smartphone model was meant to make 5G readily accessible among the consumers, with the cost of under $200, combined with USB-C+18W fast charging capabilities. In September 2021, an American multinational technology corporation, Microsoft announced about the launch of its dual screen Android smartphone, Surface Duo 2, as an upgradation to its previous model. This 5.8 inch AMOLED display smartphone, powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 888 processor, backed by a 4449 mAh battery having 23W fast charging support.

In January 2022, HMD Global, owner of Nokia Brand, announced about the launch of five phones, including four smartphones and one traditional feature phone by the first half of 2022. This move was taken as a part of agitating in the entry-level smartphone market in the U.S. In January 2022, TCL introduced affordable consumer electronics products, like laptops and 5G smartphones within U.S during the CES 2022. These include BOOK14 GO laptop, with an array of peripheral options, having both USB A/C ports, along with TCL 30 V 5G smartphone for Verizon as well as TCL 30 XE 5G for T-Mobile, offering large battery power upto 4500 mAh. These factors are further set to assist the market growth towards charging solutions including wall chargers, power banks, portable power stations and others in the coming time.

In January 2022, Apple Inc. revealed about its patent filing related to offering reverse charging capabilities to the iPhone and iPad, which had been recently published. The patent, named “Through-Display Wireless Charging”, is a part of company’s continued interest towards innovations, under which personal electronic devices like smartphones, laptops and tablets can be used in conjunction with accessories including smart watches, wireless earphones and others. Leveraging this charging technology, accessories like Apple Pencil or Air pods can be placed either on iPhone screen or iPad display to charge them wirelessly. Wall charger, car charger, power bank and portable power station are the major types of adapters used for both smartphone and laptop charging applications. These charging solutions are also bifurcated on the basis of charging technology (wired or wireless), wattage capacity, cable technology, port number and others.

The market growth of U.S mobile phone charging market is attributed to various factors including growing advancements within smartphones towards wireless charging technology, rising penetration of smartphones with increased usage of internet connectivity services coupled with smartphone shipments and others.

In September 2020, PNY Technologies announced about the launch of two new products, namely dual wireless charging base and wireless charging stand. The dual wireless charging base is Qi-certified and provides optimal wireless charging for two devices simultaneously for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, Samsung, LG, Sony, and many other Qi-compatible devices, while the wireless charging stand enables all Qi-compatible smartphones from 5W to 10W to get recharged while being used. Such growing development towards product innovations in laptops or smartphones including affordability, 5G technology support, high battery power and others, along with increasing shift towards advanced innovative charging technologies for mobile device power optimization are also set to assist the U.S Mobile phone charging market growth in the coming years.

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U.S Mobile Phone Charging Market Growth Drivers:

Increasing shift towards advanced and innovative charging technologies for driving mobile device power optimization

With emerging technologies and growing need for faster charge in mobile devices including smartphones, laptops and others, there is significant shift towards advanced charging capabilities or innovations. Adoption of such charging mechanisms can help the consumers take advantage of improved charging performance with optimum speeds, efficiency, and so on , thus eventually gaining wide popularity within U.S consumer electronics manufacturers ensuring its deployment within different power charging accessories. In July 2020, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced about the launch of the fastest commercial charging technology for Android devices, named Quick Charge 5, to help users charge devices from 0 to 50% battery power within five minutes. This development was meant to deliver unprecedented mobile phone charging speed as well as efficiency improvements, in comparison to previous versions alongside enabling new battery technology, accessories, or safety features, thus supporting more than 100W charging power in a smartphone. Since this fast charging solution technology can be easily licensed by any OEM or accessory maker unlike OPPO and Xiaomi, for implementation within their devices, while making it widely popular in the mobile phone charging application areas. According to Qualcomm’s website, a low-resolution image and a certification document was spotted in June 2021, which revealed that an affordable charging accessory brand, Baseus have started working on a product, Hama Car Charger. This car charger will be supporting Quick Charge 5.0 standard, offering upto 100W fast charging, for phones which are Quick Charge 5 technology compatible.

The Major Players in this Market Include

Major players in Heating Equipment Market include Apple, Samsung, AT&T, Verizon, Salcomp, Anker, Amphenol, Molex, Belkin and LG among others. In December 2021, Samsung had revealed its plans about the release of a new fast wireless charger along with its Galaxy S22 series during the early phase of 2022. According to the U.S FCC database, this wireless charging pad had been reported to support upto 15W Qi wireless charging.

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