The U.S Pet Food Market grew at a significant rate during 2016 – 2020 owing to the upsurge in the adoption of pets among the population that gave rise to the demand for pet food. Pet food is a type of food that helps animals get the right diet, energy, and nutrition. Dry, wet (canned or moist), semi-moist, treats (or snacks), and raw/frozen/refrigerated foods are the many types of pet foods. The majority of pet food is "complete and balanced," meaning that each serving provides all of the essential elements. As a result, pet food recipes are meticulously designed by veterinary scientists and experts in companion animal nutrition. Proteins, lipids, carbs, vitamins, minerals, and independent amino acids are the four major categories of nutrition. Quality pet food manufacturers care about their reputations as well as satisfying the needs and concerns of the people who buy their products. The pet food industry is continuously growing to stay ahead of consumer demands. The sales of pet food increased 9.7% in 2020 according to American Pet Products Association. Pet owners launched packed food for the pet during the pandemic which resulted in a boost in sales for short period.
According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), total pet food sales in the United States would reach $100 billion by 2020. Pet food adoption is on the rise as people become increasingly concerned about their pets' health. Pet food provides animals with adequate nutrition and energy, helping them to live a long and healthy life. As a result, in trying to improve their pets' health, consumers are attempting to train them to eat pet food.

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U.S. Pet Food Market Growth Drivers
Consumers Are Increasingly Putting Efforts In The Health And Wellness Of Their Pet That Has Readily Driving The Market Growth
Recently, consumers are concerned about the health of their pets which gave rise to the adoption of pet food. Also, pet adoption is on the rise among consumers as pets are viewed as family members by many people and help them spend their time happily. The transition from pet ownership to pet parenting has been a huge and defining event in the pet food industry. The increased relationship between pet owners and their pets influences consumer willingness to pay more on pet food. Consumers are getting more concerned about their pets' health and are purchasing high-nutrient pet food to assist them. In addition to traditional food products, pet owners frequently seek pet consumables that are locally created, natural, or offer specific health benefits.

Growing Number Of Health Related Issues Among Pets Created Demand For Pet Food Which Is Further Set To Drive The Market Growth
Recently, animals are suffering from obesity, emaciation, rickets, allergies, and fur loss. These illnesses are typically induced by the amount or quality of food provided. In the U.S., 52.6% of dogs and 57.6% of cats are overweight or obese which creates awareness among people to take care of their pets and thus increases the sales of pet food. Owing to malnutrition among pets, their life span decreases so, people are getting concerned and providing nutritious food as much as possible. Owing to such reasons, the demand for pet food soared over the historical period 2016-2020.

R&D Investment:
  • In April 2021, Mars Petcare launched dog food, KARMA™ plant-first formulas, which includes white fish and chicken, both whole-grain sorghum and brewers rice appear before the animal-based proteins on the product labels.
  • The Major Players in this Market Include
  • The major companies in the U.S. pet food market include Mars Petcare, Nestle, JM Smucker, Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Diamond Pet Foods, Blue Buffalo, United Pet Group, Scrout & Zoe’s, Well Pet, and Merrick Pet care among others.
  • Over the years, major market players have focused on different types of pet food which is beneficial for the health of the animal. The launch of new market companies, adequate funding, and government-aided policies help in the innovation of pet food products. The continuous developments in the U.S. pet food market are the major factors set to drive the U.S. Pet Food Market over the historical period 2016-2020.

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