The growth of the Compound Isomaltitol Market is greatly fuelled by the remarkable characteristics of Isomalt as perceived by a food technologist. Isomalt has a calorific value of 2.0 kcal/g in bulk sugar replacement. In the EU (European Union), it is 2.4 kcal/g in comparison with 4.0 for sucrose. The solubility in water at ambient is only 24.5%, far lesser than for sucrose. The stability in baking is considerable and browning does not occur (Maillard reaction plus caramelization). In sugar-free rolled wafer cones and flute wafers, isomalt performs as a 1:1 sugar substitute (US 7754268 B2). The Global Compound Isomaltitol Market size is estimated to reach $923.4 million in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 6.0% during the forecast period 2022-2027.

Compound Isomaltitol Market Growth Drivers:

Surging Synergistic Impacts in Sweetening Power with Isomalt are Driving the Growth of the Global Compound Isomaltitol Industry:

Synergistic impacts in sweetening power happen when isomalt is integrated with additional volume-providing sweeteners like maltitol syrup, xylitol, mannitol or sorbitol. In a 10% solution, the sweetening power of isomalt is 50–60% that of sucrose. Owing to isomalt being less sweet than sugar and it is frequently utilized in integration with intense sweeteners like aspartame or acesulfame-K. Isomalt provides products texture, volume, mild sweetness and antioxidant properties. The intense sweetener increases the sweetness to that level if sugar were utilized. Isomalt is inclined to camouflage the bitter aftertaste of certain intense sweeteners. These effects are therefore driving the growth of the Global Compound Isomaltitol Industry, thereby contributing to the Global Compound Isomaltitol Industry Outlook.

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Soaring Innovative Initiatives with Isomalt are Propelling the Growth of the Global Compound Isomaltitol Market:

Consumers are inclined towards sensory encounters. This translates to visual appeal apart from the taste. In June 2021, BENEO came up with effortless color innovation with isomalt in candy and chewing gum. Isomalt melts at 145°C–150°C and has wonderful pH and heat stability in food processing. It was an opportunity provided to be innovative with shade and shape. The objective was to develop candy and chewing gum with colors that pop. BENEO’s Isomalt made this effortless. The candy had to be established with a colorful sugar-free core utilizing a translucent coating. This way, it was possible to coat all tastes and colors in one process. Isomalt has a gentle sweet palate which improves the dining experience on radiant candy treats. These kinds of soaring innovative initiatives for Isomalt are propelling the growth of the Global Compound Isomaltitol Market.


In March 2022, BENEO put in €7.7m in the novel warehouse for enhanced effectiveness. The novel high-bay warehouse permits for expanded storage of BENEO’s crystalline functional carbohydrates Isomalt, Palatinose and galenIQ.

Global Compound Isomaltitol Market: Competitive Landscape

Key companies holding major shares in the Global Compound Isomaltitol Market are Cargill, BENEO, Roquette Freres, Atlantic Chemicals Trading, Ingredion Incorporated, A & Z Food Additives, Fraken Biochem, Sanxinyuan Food Industry, Carbosnyth and Qingdao Green Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

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