The Metabolic Testing Market size is estimated to reach $905.4 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.7% during the forecast period 2022-2027. The growth of the Metabolic Testing Market is greatly fueled by the increasing predominance of lifestyle-based ailments and expanding population of the elderly. Metabolic testing includes reviewing the metabolic rate of a human being at which the person scorches calories as energy and utilizes oxygen. The rising pervasiveness of lifestyle-based ailments is propelling the growth of the Metabolic Testing Market. The growing elderly population with great vulnerability towards developing incessant ailments like cancer and kidney ailments is further fueling the growth of the Metabolic Testing Industry. This is contributing to the Metabolic Testing Industry Outlook. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the measurement of energy needed for the body to continue vital functions of the body in a resting state. Aerobic capacity is usually calculated by mitochondrial volume density. Lactate threshold testing can be used to decide a suitable training intensity and supervise progression in athletes of all levels. 

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Metabolic Testing Market Growth Drivers:

Surging Applications of Metabolic Testing:

There are three tests that may be provided as part of metabolic testing. Resting metabolic rate offers an estimate of the count of calories that one burns when the body is at complete rest with the average resting metabolic rate being 1600 calories for men and 1400 calories for women, per day. The aerobic capacity test or VO2 max test examines the metabolic rate during distinct phases of the exercise. The aerobic capacity test provides information regarding intensity levels at which the body utilizes oxygen and burns fat more or less effectively. The lactate threshold test is utilized principally for athletes. The lactate threshold test offers data regarding the intensity level where the body no longer offers sufficient oxygen for maximum performance. The surging applications of Metabolic Testing are therefore driving the growth of the Metabolic Testing Market.

Soaring Innovations in Metabolic Testing Rate Equipment:

Women’s metabolic rate is nearly 5% to 10% lesser than men’s, even when they are of identical body weight and height. KORR Metabolic Analyzers use a similar technology as ICU Metabolic Testing. The KORR Analyzer calculates the oxygen consumed to measure calories burned. Two one-way valves in the KORR MetaBreather guarantee that only fresh air is inhaled and all exhaled gas passes by way of the hose and into the machine. A nose-clip guarantees that all exhaled air is evaluated. The soaring innovations in Metabolic Testing Rate Equipment are therefore propelling the growth of the Metabolic Testing Industry, thereby contributing to the Metabolic Testing Industry Outlook.


In September 2021, with the balance sheet enhancing, General Electric (GE) declared plans to gain BK Medical for $1.45 billion. GE has not made a vital acquisition in more than four years. The conglomerate has been fixing its balance sheet.

Metabolic Testing Market: Competitive Landscape

Key companies holding major shares in the Metabolic Testing Market are MGC Diagnostics Corporation, COSMED Srl, CORTEX Biophysik GmbH, General Electric Company, KORR Medical Technologies, Inc, CareFusion Corporation, Geratherm Medical AG, OSI Systems, Inc, AEI Technologies, Inc and Parvo Medics.

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