The Industrial Valves Market is projected to reach US$95.5 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecast period 2022-2027. Industrial valves are used across various industries to upgrade production systems with intelligent features to enhance productivity. The automation feature of industrial valves is a major advancement that increased their efficiency and reliability. The oil and gas industry widely uses industrial valves due to their smart and reliable features for various applications including downstream and upstream process applications. It ensures the continuous and secure functioning of the pipelines. In April 2022, RF valve and aiRFlex announced the new pinch valves with advanced elastomer tube fold design. It is ideal for use in different industries, including oil & gas, chemical and power.

The check valve segment, by valve type in the Industrial Valves Market, is expected to grow the fastest at a CAGR of 8.5% from 2022-2027. The check valve is widely utilized across various industries to ensure the safety and continuous functioning of pipes and HVAC systems in manufacturing lines. The check valves are one-directional valves that efficiently stop the process backflow of liquids which can cause severe damage to system hardware. Smart check valves with unidirectional features are in high demand with the increasing popularity of oil & gas, chemical, power and wastewater management industries globally. This is driving the demand for industrial valves and leading to market growth. In March 2022, Sulzer Ltd. launched new check valves made from cast iron for horizontal or vertical discharge lines. It has a silent shut-off and is ideal for application in sewage industries.

Asia-Pacific is expected to account for the largest share of 33%, in terms of revenue, in 2027. Industrial Valves are widely used in this region for upgrading industrial setups with advanced technologies that would help production lines to run smoothly with the least amount of downtime. Industrial valves are in great demand in this region as a result of the expanding number of oil and power plant projects being developed with the region's rising energy needs. According to a report by Global Data, 512 petrochemical projects are anticipated to start in China between 2021 and 2025, making up 76% of all projects along the country's entire oil and gas value chain. The projects are aimed to tackle the high energy demands of this region. In July 2020, Neles announced the opening of its new valve technology center in Jiaxing, China. The new plant strengthens Neles valve product production capabilities by making more than 100,000 valves annually. Neles has also recently established valve production centers in South Korea, Saudi Arabia and India. The new plant would address the growing demand for industrial valves and expand the range of process industries in China and throughout other Asian countries where Industrial Valves are available to clients.

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Industrial Valves Market Growth Driver:

  • The widescale adoption of Industrial Valves in water and wastewater treatment industries to upgrade pipeline infrastructures with efficient control systems:

The water and wastewater treatment sectors mostly use Industrial Valves to modernize pipeline infrastructures and set up reliable control systems to prevent line failure. Industrial valves stop the process backflow of liquids and prevent leakage in pipelines. It ensures the safety of network infrastructures by preventing unwanted leakage from the pipelines and helps in avoiding life-threatening accidents. Industrial valves have significant demand in the water and wastewater treatment sectors as it is an essential component of the pipeline infrastructure which ensures their uninterrupted functioning. In May 2022, Sulzer Ltd. announced the new check valve type ABS made from cast iron/plastic for various discharge lines by following EV-12050-4 standards. They have self-cleaning effects and 100% sealing and are specifically designed for use in waste and wastewater treatment industries.

The Major Players in this Market Include

Major players in the Industrial Valves Market include Siemens AG, Emerson Electric Co., General Electric Company, Sulzer Ltd. and RF Valves, Inc. In August 2022, RF Valves introduced Pneumatic Pinch valves with enhanced performance and optimal durability. They are made up of ductile iron. They can be used in various industries, including food and beverage & chemical industries.

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