The Cheese Market size is estimated to reach $157.2 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 3.7% during the forecast period 2022-2027. The growth of the Cheese Market is greatly fuelled by the heightened awareness regarding good sources of nutrients and skyrocketing launches of numerous flavored cheese products. The advantageous nutrients that exist in cheese involve protein, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin K, zinc, calcium and vitamin D. One ounce (28 grams) of American Cheese includes 104 calories. Novel product launches of flavored cheese products inclusive of pepper, garlic, red chili flakes and oregano pickle which satisfy the distinct tastes and inclinations of consumers worldwide, are further fuelling the growth of the Cheese Industry, thereby contributing to Cheese Industry Outlook. Cheddar cheese is a natural cheese that is comparatively hard, off-white and at times, sharp-tasting. Mozzarella is a southern Italian cheese conventionally prepared from Italian buffalo's milk by the pasta filata technique. Parmesan, also termed Parmigiano Reggiano, is a hard Italian cheese with rare nutritional characteristics.

Cheese Market Growth Drivers:

Surging Health Advantages of American Cheese are Driving the Growth of the Cheese Market:

American cheese is processed cheese that is prepared from a blend of milk, milk-fat and solids with additional fats and whey protein concentrate. American cheese per 100g includes 371 Calories (kcal). Dairy products like American Cheese offer around 72% of the dietary calcium supply in the U.S. Calcium are vital for bone strength and may assist in averting osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by a raised hazard of fractures owing to breakable bones. American cheese offers high-quality protein and vitamins like vitamins A and D as well as minerals like phosphorus, calcium and zinc. Being a processed product, American Cheese has an expanded shelf life in comparison with natural cheeses. The surging health advantages of American Cheese are therefore driving the growth of the Cheese Market.

Vital Significance of Cheddar Cheese and Parmesan Cheese is Propelling the Growth of the Cheese Industry:

Joseph Harding is credited with "an effortless way of depleting the curds of as much of their moisture as possible. This led to a semi-hard, close-textured, non-crumbly cheese, the style customarily connected with Cheddar. Harding was more than any other person accountable for the international spread of Cheddar as a recognized cheese, assisting to present Cheddar-making into Scotland and also preparing American cheesemakers on their visits to Somerset." Parmesan cheese is among the top cheeses selected by cheese connoisseurs. Parmesan cheese is mostly partaken shredded over pasta or utilized in soups and risotto. It can also be consumed on its own as a snack. Total processing time may be up to 2-4 years. The vital significance of cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese is therefore propelling the growth of the Cheese Industry, thereby contributing to the Cheese Industry Outlook.


In August 2022, Kraft Heinz secured an agreement to market its business-to-business powdered cheese manufacturing business to Kerry Group for $107.5 million. The deal is anticipated to close subsequently this year.

Cheese Market: Competitive Landscape

Key companies holding major shares in the Cheese Market are The Kraft Heinz Company, Almarai, Associated Milk Producers Inc., Britannia Industries, Arla Foods, GCMMF (Amul), GROUP LACTALIS, Fonterra, FrieslandCampina Professional and Dairy Farmers of America.

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