The Fiber Optic Beam Expander Market size is expected to reach US$1.9 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.78% from 2022 to 2027. Rapid technological advancements in high-end microscopy systems, non-imaging optics solutions for superior display measurement in spectrometers, colorimeters and LED lighting systems are expected to drive the Fiber Optic Beam Expander industry forward. In December 2020, Ultra Beam Lighting launched a string of new lighting products which would further increase the Fiber Optic Beam Expander market size. However, expensive manufacturing costs are hampering the market growth.

Moreover, Fiber Optic Beam Expanders are intended for use in a variety of applications including LiDAR, spectroscopy, industrial radiography and light and display measurement. Furthermore, they provide greater advantages, such as high spatial resolution, reduced energy loss and other benefits in both industrial and commercial sectors. In May 2021, TechOptics announced an agreement with EXFO, aimed to expand their fiber optic tools and increase the Fiber Optic Beam Expander market size.

North America generated approximately 29% of the global revenues in the Fiber Optic Beam Expander industry in 2021. This growth can be attributed to increasing demand for high-quality optical instruments and R&D activities in various industries such as the medical sector, petroleum exploration and scientific research. In 2020, according to Ocular Surgery news, there was a 42% increase in the number of laser vision correction procedures in the Pacific Vision Institute, San Francisco, U.S. as compared to 2019.

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Fiber Optic Beam Expander Market Growth Driver:

Growing investments in Fiber Optics:

Increased Internet penetration, data traffic and growing demand for higher bandwidth boost the Fiber Optics Market. As investments are increasing in the fiber optics market, it is expected to increase demand for fiber components such as fiber optic beam expanders. In 2020, according to New Street Research, North American broadband providers are expected to invest more than US$60 billion in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) projects over the next five years, more than doubling the amount invested in FTTH buildouts during any previous five-year period. Large FTTH players such as AT&T and Verizon are looking into new fiber optics opportunities where they can deploy FTTH despite previous heavy investments. They may even look to expand FTTH beyond their traditional market borders in the future. Additionally, AT&T has already announced that approximately two million new homes would be built by 2021. All of these investments are likely to increase demand for Fiber Optic Beam Expanders during the forecast period.

The Major Players in this Market

Major players in Fiber Optic Beam Expander Market include Diamond SA, Thor Labs, Qioptiq, Edmund Optics, Micro Laser Systems and Lumetrics. In July 2022, Optical Surfaces Ltd. developed a new compact Fiber Optic Beam Expander that uniquely delivers high magnification (x30) from small aperture (2 mm) high-power laser beam lines.

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