The Turf Grass And Turf Solutions industry is estimated to reach $39.1 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.9% over the forecast period 2023-2028. A grass surface that has a smooth texture and superior quality is called turf. Turf grass And turf solutions are useful for reducing weed development and minimizing soil erosion. As a result, turf grass is recyclable and environmentally friendly. The rising number of smart house buildings and increased consumer awareness of turf grass would be the main drivers of market expansion. An important aspect affecting the market growth is the increase in the number of sporting facilities or centers. The market is expanding as a result of rising industrialization, globalization and the growing use of turf grass in residential and commercial lawns. Another key factor for the growth of the global Turf Grass And Turf Solutions industry is the expansion of gardening and landscaping activities, which include the upkeep and maintenance of gardens and landscapes in both residential and commercial properties.

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Turf Grass And Turf Solutions Market Drivers

  • Lawns Collect Runoff from Storms:

It can be seen what happens during a hard rain if there is any part of the yard that isn't covered in lush grass: Ruts, divots and holes are made when the gravel, mulch or soil is washed away. All of those materials and water must go somewhere, of course. They begin by blocking storm drains, which could result in streets and homes flooding and eventually end up in streams and lakes, which turn murky and toxic. However, a lawn would reduce runoff, giving rainwater time to get soaked back into the groundwater system. For instance, according to Economic Times, the Indian government said that just 30% of the country's monitored wells showed a fall in groundwater level, while the remaining 70% showed a rise which indicates the need for adopting turf grass lawns in order to restore the groundwater levels.

  • Turf Lawn's Ability to Provide Coolness in the Summer Heat:

Urban areas with plenty of structures and concrete are typically much warmer than the nearby areas with lots of grass and trees. Furthermore, cooling a structure surrounded by concrete requires more energy than cooling a building surrounded by grass-like Warm Season Turf Grass. Planners are frantically trying to reduce excessive heat as climate change drives many cities' temperatures to approach catastrophic levels. One Technique is to replace artificial surfaces with vegetation. Municipalities in water-scarce areas must weigh the advantages of cooler temperatures against the use of limited water for irrigation. According to Buy Turf Online, the cooling effect of Warm Season Turf Grass is especially noticeable when compared to other surfaces on a hot day. Grass can be up to 30 degrees cooler than asphalt or concrete, 20 degrees cooler than synthetic grass and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil during the summer heat. But the advantages go way beyond that. The average front lawn can cool a room twice as effectively as air conditioning. Additionally, it has no negative effects on the electricity bill. Grass also has a larger cooling impact than trees do. It is comparable to open bodies of water while evaporating 40% less water. These factors are boosting market growth.

R&D Investment:

In December 2021, Deere & Co. signed a contract to acquire the majority of Kreisel Electric, Inc., an Austrian company that develops battery technology. Deere claimed that the investment gives the business the best integration to effectively build engines and vehicles around cutting-edge immersion-cooled, high-density battery technology.

The Major Players in this Market

The major companies in the Turf Grass And Turf Solutions Market include Honeywell International Inc., Watlow Electric Company., Dynatherm, Jimboomba Turf Group, SPRINTURF, Turf Star, Sierra Pacific Turf Supply, Turf Solutions Ltd, SPORTS TURF SOLUTIONS and Hume Turf.

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