The Fortified Salts Market size is estimated to reach $7.9 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 8.5% during the forecast period 2023-2028. The growth of the Fortified Salts Market is greatly fueled by the soaring utilization of fortified salts with iodine and iron as well as the rising uneasiness of malnutrition among adults and children. Given the greatly favorable delivery of iodine by way of salt iodization, fortifying salt with iodine and iron has been suggested as a technique for averting iron deficiency anemia. Double Fortified Salts are creative novel fortified food products – conveying tiny but critical quantities of iodine and iron to human beings by way of their diet. Intake of iron-fortified iodized salt to deal with malnutrition in nations like India is fueling the growth of the Fortified Salts industry, thereby contributing to the Fortified Salts Industry Outlook.

Fortified Salts Market Growth Drivers:

Vital Significance of Salt Fortification:

Salt fortification is identified as one of the most cost-effective techniques to deal with deficiency of iron and iodine owing to its universal intake by all income groups and age segments. Double-fortified salts, including both iodine and iron, regulate the twin issues of iodine deficiency ailments and iron deficiency anemia. Salt is fortified with 1 mg of iron and 30 to 40 micrograms of iodine per gram. Therefore, including one spoonful (nearly 10 grams) of salt in a dish, improves its iron content. It includes around 10 mg of iron in the dish which is 56–125% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of iron. The vital significance of salt fortification is therefore driving the growth of the Fortified Salts Market.

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Soaring Innovations in Double-fortified Salts:

Double-fortified salts (DFS) constitute a kind of table salt that is produced with additional iron and iodine. When used in daily cooking, it can assist in surmounting iron deficiency (anemia) and iodine deficiency ailments. Essentially, DFS formulations are anticipated to offer 100% of the daily dietary iodine requirement and ~30 to 60% of the daily dietary iron requirement. The Tata Trusts have assisted the Tamil Nadu Salt Corporation (TNSC) establish a salt refinery that involves a salt fortification plant for offering the formulation of double-fortified salt to the three Southern States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Sold under the Amma Salt brand, the salt produced at the TNSC involves Double Fortified Salt (DFS), crystal iodized salt, refined free flow iodized salt and low sodium salt. The soaring innovations in double-fortified salts are therefore propelling the growth of the Fortified Salts Industry, thereby contributing to the Fortified Salts Industry Outlook.

R&D Investment:

In March 2022, a novel £10 million global research and development center has been opened by AkzoNobel at its Slough site in the UK. The facility which houses 120 specialists, would serve as a principal hub within the firm’s global R&D network.

Fortified Salts Market: Competitive Landscape

Key companies holding major shares in the Fortified Salts Market are AkzoNobel, Tata Chemicals Limited, Cargill Salt, Compass Minerals International, Inc, Ankur Salt, China National Salt Industry Corporation, Windsor Salt, Sambhar Salts Limited, Kutch Brine Chem. Industries and United Salt Corporation.

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