The Soil Fumigant Market size is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% during the forecast period of 2023-2028 and would reach an estimated revenue of $941.9 million by 2028. Soil fumigation is a chemical control strategy that can be applied in tandem or in conjunction with other forms of control to reduce major pollution in the soil. Soil fumigants emit properties that can effectively control soil-borne organisms, i.e., bacteria, weed seeds, insects and others. Soil fumigants are categorized on the pest type or are helpful across types of pests. Fumigants when applied to soil diffuse beneath the surface and form higher forms of concentrations to lower concentration forms in the soil. Asia-Pacific held a dominant share of 36% in the soil fumigant market in 2022. This was owing to a widespread agricultural model in countries like India. Moreover, Asia-Pacific provides a plethora of eatable resources to the world which substantiates the demand. Some of the common forms of soil fumigants are Methyl Bromide, Chloropicrin, Phosphine, Methyl Iodide and Dimethyl Disulfide. The growing demand for food and products along with increasing pest attacks across regions propel product usage. 

Soil Fumigant Market Drivers

Crop Failures Owing to Pest Attacks:

Crop failures pose a major risk to the farmers' revenue and overall agricultural output of the country. As per ICAR 2022, on average 15-20% of yield losses in food and cash crops occur each year owing to pest attacks. Similar forms of ratios are present across the world that propels the usage of this form of the fumigant. Additionally, as per the accounts of FAO 2021, annually up to 40% of the overall global crop production is hampered by the infestation of pests. Implementation of soil fumigants ramifies the problems, thereby aiding in market growth.

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Ever-growing Population Levels Stretch the Demand for Food:

The population across the geographies has been growing at a steadfast pace, which raises various concerns about the arability of land to withstand the penultimate demand. As per World Population Dashboard 2022, the world population touched the benchmark of 8 billion living humans as of 15th November and as per UN estimates, the population would touch 8.6 billion by 2030. The rampant increase in the population creates demand to satiate the food demand, which would help in using fumigants to protect the high-value and cash crops.

Product Launch and Collaboration

In September 2022, FMC India launched a custom solution known as Petra-Bio Solution to enhance the biological property of soil. In November 2020, Telone Soil Fumigant announced a distribution agreement with Dow Corporation for the distribution of fumigant-related products.

Major Players in the Market

The major players in the Soil Fumigant market include ADAMA Agricultural Solution, AMVAC, BASF SE, Cytec Solvay Group, FMC Corporation, Isagro, Syngenta AG, Trical Inc, IMAFLEX and UPL Limited.

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