The demand in the microcellular polyurethane foam market is increasing due to its application in various industries such as automotive, furniture, electronics, and electronic appliances. The properties of microcellular polyurethane foam such as cushioning, vibration free, and sealing are the factors that are stroking the market demand. As per the future market, the outlook is foreseen by IndustryARC’s business intelligence report, the prosperity of the market is due to the various techniques used in the production process of polyurethane foams.

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In this market research report, the end-user industrial segment comprises of furniture, construction, automotive, electrical industry and others. Regional market insights positions the APAC region to be the fastest growing market, with China being the largest manufacturer and producer. There are three different segments of polyurethane foams: low density, high density, and medium density. Some of the major microcellular polyurethane foam market companies discussed in the report are G-Form LLC, LG Innotek, 2nd skull LLC, and Rogers Corporation.

The total number of patents applications filed and competing in the microcellular polyurethane foam market was 47 since 2015. However, only 10 patients were granted until October 2018. The company with highest patents filed are “G Form LLC” that has filed almost 13 patents.  The U.S region filed a maximum number of patents in this market. Apart from “G form LLC”, from rest of 37 patents, 3 companies filed 4 patents each and 6 companies filed 2 patents. Among the very few are granted.

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G-Form LLC & LG Innotek Lead with Two Patents Granted
G-Form LLC is the U.S based company that offers advanced polymer and electronic products for athletes. Their end-user products are used as knee and elbow pads and are made of polyurethane foams. These pads are lightweight, comfortable, flexible, washable, and protect from all impacts. From 2017 onwards, their patent application filing has increased. This company filed 13 patents of which 2 are accepted. The patents include products such as hip protection pads, limb protectors, protection edge cases, and abrasion resistant flexible cushioning pads.

LG Innotek, a company headquartered in South Korea, is having second highest patents filed in this market. This company filed 4 patents and 2 are granted. Patent analysis of this company in our market research report depicts that their patent application has declined from 2017 to 2018.

2nd skull LLC is a private U.S company that manufactures, designs, and sells foam products for athletics. The products are helmets, caps, and bands and it primarily targets the industry applicable to athletics and sports. The company has filed 4 patents. Of them, only one is granted. They sell their products through online mode and through retailers. 

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Rogers Corporation, a company Headquartered at Chandler, the U.S., offers engineered materials. This company has filed only 2 patents and one is granted. Their polyurethane products are used for gasketing and sealing. The products have the properties of cushioning and makes for very soft and high energy impact pads. These potentials of their products are expected to propel its market growth. These are available in different sizes and dimensions to meet all end users.

Nearly Three-fourth of All Patents Filed in the U.S. Of 47 patents filed worldwide, the U.S has filed 35 patents. Owing to its voluminous research and development activities in this market, it is forecasted to witness exponential growth in the microcellular polyurethane foam market share. Next is Australia with 7 patents since 2015. 

Some of the challenges in the global microcellular polyurethane market are: providing polyurethane foam products that give protection against all impacts. Also, this market is using a wide range of techniques like laser cutting techniques to make the product more precise and durable. According to the future outlook, the market of microcellular polyurethane foam is anticipated to commercialize by introducing new technological lightweight foam products.

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