High pressure seals are mechanical devices used for the management of resources and materials, particularly fluid, in any system, machinery, or piece of equipment. They are employed to link high pressure systems and to maintain system pressure while preventing contamination of the environment and cross-systems. It is composed of alloys, elastomers, plastics, metals, and industrial grade rubber, and in some cases, the combination of two or more elements. Amalgamation of such elements supplements it with certain advantageous traits such as anti-chemical, good anti-compressibility, extreme temperature and weather resistance, and superior resistance to heat, water, and abrasion. These features are attributed to its application in various flourishing end-use industries such as oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, aerospace and defense, power generation, manufacturing, mining, and pharmaceutical.

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Global High Pressure Seals Market: Drivers and Disruptive Trends
As per IndustryARC’s market research report’s analysis, the rapidly reviving oil and gas sector with volatile crude oil values and fresh exploration is boosting the market. Seals are applied in all the three segments including upstream (exploration and production), midstream (transport and storage), and downstream (processing and refining) in this sector. Some of the examples of high pressure seals are X-rings, V-rings, PTFE seals, O-rings, SES spring energized seals, and Cap Seals. These are applied in pipe couplings, valves, compressors, and hydraulic pumps for such segmented operations.

In the automotive industry, to curb fuel emission, lightweight vehicles are an emerging trend, and research and innovation market players are producing lightweight and tensile strength seals to be applied as a component in the prosperous industry. Apart from the weight factor, seals are also employed in this marketplace to enhance fuel injector pressure, which increases the vehicle's mileage and performance in low temperature. O-rings seals are deployed for this purpose. Thus, the escalating demand for vehicles that are fuel efficient, as well as light weighted along with the surge in disposable income, is expected to propel the demand for seals in the global market.

High pressure seals also find application in arrangements and machinery used for harnessing several sustainable forms of energy such as thermal, geothermal, solar, wind, and others. Thus, the growing focus towards generating power from renewable energy sources and ecological maneuvers is anticipated to propel the growth of the high pressure seals market.

Expanding Indian and Chinese Industrial Base Makes APAC a Fruitful Region
As per the geographical outlook foreseen by IndustryARC business intelligence report, the demand for high pressure seals is dominated by the APAC region, followed by North America and Europe. China generates the most prominent chunk of demand in the Asia-Pacific region owing to its credibility as the largest car market globally. High pressure seals are essential for manufacturing of car apparatuses and equipment. On the other hand, increasing demand from sectors such as pharmaceutical, mining, and aerospace and defense has propelled the Indian market as the fastest emerging market. 
By the material type, the high pressure seals market can be segmented into metal, EPDM, TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber), and fluoroelastomer. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) segment is projected towards fastest growth attributing to its application in the power generation industries in leading South-Asian countries like India and China.

Global High Pressure Seals Market: Competitive Landscape
Some of the key players that are ahead of the curve in this market, and profiled in the IndustryARC research report, are Flowserve Corporation, John Crane, Eagle Burgmann, Aesseal, and Ekato Holding GmbH. Development of products through innovations, high-end technology, alliances, and acquisitions and collaborations are some of the key trends adopted by these vendors to increment their market share and survive this competitive era.  For example, Flowserve Corporation acquired Innomag Sealless Pumps and MF Sealing Systems in 2013 and in 2007 respectively. Some of the products manufactured by these companies are O-rings, V-rings, BW Seals, Pac-Seal, Kalrez 0090 and etc.

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In accordance with the high pressure seals market analysis, the market is projected towards robust growth for of its application in various sectors, with oil and gas being the major one. Increasing safety norms and government regulations across industries is fueling the installment of high-end seals. Another considerable factor affecting the business is reoccurring revenue. These pumps are often replaced with a new one due to abrasion and corrosive material flow, systems pressure, and wear and degradation from fluids. These seals also restrict the hazardous gases. All these factors are responsible for the sustainable growth of the high pressure seals market.

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