The global beer demand has remained virtually constant in the recent past with approximately 190.9 million kiloliters produced in 2017, which was a mere 0.1 percent decline from the previous year, according to a Kirin Beer University report. Evidently, beer producers are bringing in sustained profits and consequently, the providers of raw materials of the beverage are in for a consistent demand inflow in the near future. 

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One of the gainers in the beer value chain is the producers of yeast, a microorganism that is essential for the fermentation process to manufacture ethanol, which makes a beverage alcoholic. However, the prosperity of the global yeast market is not solely dependent on the continued demand for beer, as some types the microorganism that has nearly 1,500 species are used at some stage of production of several other alcoholic beverages including wine, mead, and distilled spirits such as whiskey, rum, brandy, and vodka. 

Additionally, yeast market players are gaining formidable demand influx from the flourishing food industry. Yeast-rich foods are good sources of proteins and vitamin B, aids the digestive system, and boosts the immunity system. Bakery products are dependent on yeast to act as a leavening agent and transform the dough into soft and spongy textured products such as bread, donuts, and cakes; imparting desired flavor, aroma, and texture to the end products.

Organic Yeast a Disruptive Market Trend
Almost all reputed manufacturers operating the food and beverage industry are leveraging a new segment of demand: organic products. Consumer awareness regarding the repercussions of long-term usage of chemically produced food products has escalated in the past decade as a result of deepening penetration of social media with free information. Now, elite consumers across developed nations and urban parts of developing countries are now willing to spend extra for products made from natural ingredients and consequently, organic yeast market is expected to propel in the near future. 

Some of the examples changing product portfolio of major players on the back of organic product trend can be Springer Organic Baker’s Yeast Extract by Biospringer and a whole host of products from Angel Yeast. The company has gained European Union's Organic Certification for a number of products such as autolysis yeast, dry wine yeast, inactive yeast, yeast cell wall, yeast extract, feeding dry yeast, feeding Selenium yeast, and mannoproteins.

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Beer consumption remains profitably constant, and so does the demand for bakery products in the attractive food industry. However, social media has raised concerns regarding chemicals used in food production and thereby, opened a new revenue avenue for the global yeast market layer in the form of organic yeast: natural, protein-rich, and aromatic.

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