Energy Drinks Market Overview
According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the energy drink industry has grown drastically in the past decade, reaching approximately $21 billion in the United States only as of 2017. The energy drink consumption pattern is generally based on the following needs: insufficient sleep, lack of energy, driving for long hours, alcohol consumption, sports and recreational activities, and physical fitness. 

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Athletics, physical training, and other sports activities have become a regular regime for the residents of North American countries. The increased awareness of physical fitness is taking over young adults in the region. Social media has been a major influencer of this among the people. The constantly growing sports enthusiasts have boosted the market for energy drinks in the region. These ED are very popular among professional athletes as well as normal consumers.

In recent years, the demand for the sports energy drinks has shown considerable growth owing to lustrous marketing done by the manufacturers. These companies are using various famous sports personalities to influence the youth as well as expanding their portfolio by offering products in the form of tablets, liquefied drinks, and powder. Different companies are providing distinguished textured and flavored drinks, giving the consumers various options to choose from such as sugar-free, herbal, caffeinated, and mineral-rich energy drinks. 

North America Sports Energy Drinks Market: Key Trends
  • Recently, the increasing interest of individuals to achieve highly aesthetic physique is propelling the sports energy drinks market in the US and Canada. These companies have come up with different kinds of products which are manufactured according to the performance needs, including protein shakes, strength supplements for body building, and so on.      
  • A number of sports competition and events are organized as well as sponsored by the producers of these specialty drinks that sometime contain electrolytes, herbal extracts, taurine, and amino acids for specific needs. These events are the perfect playground for these companies to promote their products among the players and the audience. 
  • The NCBI report on health hazards of sports drinks market states that regular and prolonged consumption of these synthetic beverages is very harmful. These drinks can affect individuals mentally, neurologically, and physically. Because of this, the highly active notion of consuming organic or natural products has encouraged the producers to indulge in the manufacturing of herbal and organic energy drink.

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Sports energy drinks are beverages consumed to get an adrenaline rush. These drinks are most popular among teenagers and young adults mostly consumed during rigorous physical activity sessions. However, prolonged consumption of these drinks may cause serious health problems. Therefore, the introduction of organic energy drinks in the market could be a niche for the manufacturers.

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