The explosion-proof mobile devices market is flourishing on the back of government regulations to provide measures of precaution and safety to the people working in hazardous places. The obligation of good quality communication at such places is substantial. Report entitled “Explosion Proof Mobile Devices Market: By Products (Smartphones, Tablets, Cameras, Access Points Others), By Industry Verticals (Oil & Gas, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Others), By Geography – Forecast (2018 - 2023)” from Industry ARC suggests that this market holds a profitable future.

Global Explosion Proof Mobile Device Market: Overview
Communication during acute field and industrial operations is a vital aspect of any venture. These tough communications are established with the help of rugged devices exclusively designed to perform in hazardous surroundings; in technical terms, these devices are known as explosion proof mobile devices. These type of devices are highly applicable in the defense, oil & gas, chemical, aerospace, industrial, and mining industries. These devices are water, fire, and dustproof because they are supposed to function in high-risk environments with uncertain terrains. The need for fast and crystal clear communication and the demand for rapid image and data transfer are the growth drivers of this industry.    

Explosion Proof Mobile Device Market: Demand Analysis
  • The wireless technology, successor of conventional cable-based communications, is rapidly being adopted wherein safety is paramount. This technology uses radio-frequency for communication and the devices are equipped with GPS, which enables the operators to monitor the locations of other devices; consequently establishing hassle free communications.
  • A few start-ups innovating in the electrical and communication industry have successfully developed real-time video transmitting devices. These type of devices are highly favored in exploration tasks. Moreover, these devices are capable in recording the complete activity which can be used for future reference. A considerate amount of data is being produced because of this technique. Consequently, giving rise to the opportunities of explosion proof mobile device applications in the data management sector.
  • The construction industry is using explosion proof communication device for exploring the terrain for construction before-hand. These devices are used during the construction of roads and railway tracks through difficult terrains. 
  • The most significant use of explosion proof mobile devices can be seen in industries such as defense and aerospace. These industries require high precision at various operations. Military of every country is bound to use these devices for effective communication to carry out such operations.      
  • Explosion proof communicating devices also includes highly advance satellite phones, which are capable of establishing communication anywhere in the world irrespective of its original location. These kind of devices are generally used by defense, naval and aerospace industries.

The explosion-proof mobile device market is currently an emerging market and has a great scope of innovation and development. This is a very crucial market owing to its sensitivity for safety and precaution of people at difficult operations. The paramount safety of human-lives at inorganic terrains is very important and these devices are held accountable for such situations. Owing to these substantial drivers, this market will lead to a profitable future for the companies developing these devices. 

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