According to report released by WHO, the cost of antibiotic treatment for maternal, newborn, and child survival is around US$ 109 million per year. According to recent intelligent report by IndustryARC, region with high rate of rural areas globally are prone to pneumonia with higher rate of mortality due to inaccessibility of proper medication, hygiene and food facility. However, government and health organization’s initiatives to increment awareness regarding keeping community clean as well as provide rapid support is stroking demand in the CAP market. The report is titled “Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) Market: By Testing & Diagnosis (Chest X-ray/radiography, Sputum Gram stain and/or culture, Blood Cultures), By Therapies & Drugs, By Patient Age group & By Geography – Forecast (2018 - 2023).”

Global Community Acquired Pneumonia Market: Demand Galore
Community acquired pneumonia (CAP) is an infectious disease that affects lungs due to bacterial or virus attack. Symptoms of CAP generally include fever, cough, chills, dyspnea, fatigue, rigors, and pleuritic chest pain. Patient age is the main differentiation between typical pneumonia caused by bacteria in young adults whereas atypical pneumonia caused by influenza virus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, legionella and other unidentified microorganism in very young and older person. 

About 20% of the patients affected by CAP are forced to resort to hospitalization, and among them, 16% CAP causes death. CAP is the major causes of high mortality. Identification of CAP at an early stage and its quick and appropriate treatment can cure fatality. CAP treatment requires hospitalization for a period, wherein the patient is administered with cough medicine, antipyretics that is nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug and antibiotics. According to the recent report from NCBI, 2.4% of patients admitted to the hospital with community-acquired pneumonia die within 72 hours of admission. Physician advice patients of CAP to avoid consumption of alcohol and tobacco as these can be toxic for their body. Taking proper vaccination, regular checkups can cure the disease. 

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Community Acquired Pneumonia Market: Disruptive Trend
More research needs to be done on the different pathogens causing pneumonia and the ways they are transmitted, as this is of critical importance for treatment and prevention. The WHO and UNICEF integrated a plan aim to protect, prevent, and treat pneumonia in children. Some actions taken by them are reducing household pollution, HIV prevention, proper vaccination, and adequate supply of antibiotics and oxygen along with healthy feeding. Countries including Bangladesh, India, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia have developed district, state and national plans to intensify actions for the control of pneumonia and diarrhoea. Many more have integrated diarrhoea and pneumonia-specific action into their national child health and child survival strategies. All these initiatives are translating into influx of investment from private and public sectors and driving the demand in the global community acquired pneumonia market.

Community acquired pneumonia is a global infectious diseases that effects lungs due to bacterial or virus attack. CAP is the major causes of high mortality. Identification of CAP at early stage and its quick and appropriate treatment can cure fatality. Government initiatives and prosperity of some of the emerging economies are generating substantial demand in the community acquired pneumonia market.

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