Eye tracking device is gaining demand from many fields such as psychology and neuroscience, infant and child research, professional performance, education and sports. According to the recent business intelligence report released by IndustryARC, the global eye tracking market size was ranging from $260 billion to $300 billion as of 2018. The analyst of the report has estimated its value to grow at a global CAGR of 25% to 30% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025. The report is titled “Eye Tracking Market: By Type (Mobile & Remote), By Application (Medical Diagnostics, HCI, Research, & Virtual Reality), By Industry (Marketing, Healthcare, Transportation, Communication & Entertainment) & By Region – Forecast (2019 - 2025).”

Eye tracking is a process that measures the eye movement or point of gaze. It is typically based on the optical tracking of corneal reflections known as pupil center corneal reflection (PCCR). Tracking eye movement could provide insights/data related to human behavior which further can be used to in various technologies such as to optimize the performance of self-driven vehicles.

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Global Eye tracking Market: Growth Drivers

Eye tracking system is used in transportation to gain the insights of human behavior and actions taken during hazardous situations. Users are inclining towards use of smartphones, eye tracker is used for phone unlocking purpose using retina scan and face tracking. Athletes attention focus, trajectory, estimations, visual search strategies, and mainly hand eye coordination during a game can be understand using this system. Education sector is also accepting the use of eye tracking system, especially in labs to teach student efficiently. Mostly human computer interaction researchers use eye tracking to evaluate and enhance user experience are some of the significant roles of eye tracker driving the growth of the market.

Global Eye Tracking Market: Innovative Products by Key Players

  • Eye Tracking Inc., announced to release their revolutionary cognitive workload algorithm with support of Tobii Pro’s eye tracking glasses. The index of cognitive activity is an algorithm that measures the real time workload by monitoring changes in the pupil. The software product called eyeworks currently works on this algorithm. Eye Tracking’s workload metric is used in measurement of interface difficulty, traumatic brain injury, training in complex environments and operator performance monitoring. 
  • Tobii Pro Glasses 2 with cognitive workload algorithm is the recent product released by Tobii Pro and Eye Tracking together. This product can be combined with biometric devices for deeper insights of human behavior.
  • Microsoft Corp. acknowledged to team up with EyeTech DS, Tobii and Intel and released USB HID Standard for eye tracking that supports windows 10 too. 
  • Eyegaze edge is a technology specially developed for people with disabilities such as Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and Werdnig-Hoffman Syndrome Eyegaze Edge is eye controlled communication and control system that works to enhance the image positioning on the pupil of a user.
  • Global Eye Tracking Market: Competitive Landscape
  • On July 2018 at the Phoenix 2018 Grow Globally Fair, EyeTech received an award for global exporter of the year. 
  • Eyegaze is leading company that develops devices that helps people with disabilities to communicate. Their technologies have been implemented in research, national defense, gaming, virtual worlds, hospitals, and many other industries.
  • Tobii Pro is gain high attention from costumers and showcased the annual growth of 15% to 20% in 2018. 

Global Eye Tracking Market: Demand Analysis

Flourishing transportation and automation sector along with rapid advancement in technologies, North America positioned as the leading region to hold the largest market share of around 28% in 2018. Additionally eye tracking market is gaining traction from other developing regions. Manufacturers and foremost market players are investing more on products that can be useful for the users with disabilities such as a psychological disorder or bipolar disorder. Recent research by IndustryARC analyst concluded that the healthcare sector grabs the largest demand for eye tracker devices and it is estimated to increase with a CAGR close to 35% over a forecast period.

Eye tracker is used to track the eye movement and point of gaze. It is used almost in all sectors such as psychology and neuroscience, infant and child research, professional performance, education and sports. Healthcare sector is the leading sector among others in the eye tracking market. High population rate and disposable income in North America is driving the growth of the eye tracking market. 

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