1US Shale Gas Boom Boosts Demand for Aluminum Nickel Catalysts

The aluminum nickel catalyst is extensively used in the synthesis of organic compounds and other refinery based industrial due to itsefficient and high catalytic activity. It is commonly used for the reduction of multiple bonded organic compounds, with the likes of alkenes, dienes, carbonyls, alkynes, nitriles and aromatics. The biggest applications of the Aluminum Nickel Catalyst market are in the refinery and chemical industry which was boosted by the shale gas boom in the United States during the Obama administration.

Since 2015, there have been a total sum of 8,064 patents applied under the aluminum nickel catalyst market, out of which 3,656 have been granted along with an additional 42 amended patents. The year 2015 marked the highest number of patents filed numbering 2,293. Coming to companies that have filed the maximum patents, Syngenta Participations AG stands out with a record of 274 licenses while the GE Oil & Gas UK Ltd has documented only 15. The United States is the country with the maximum number of patents filed, topping the list with 4,493 applications.

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Syngenta Participations AG, headquartered in Switzerland, has applied the maximum number of patents since 2015.The number of patent stood at 274, of which 96 have been granted along with 3 amended patents. Syngenta Participations AG specializes in the manufacturing of chemicals for crop protection and growth regulations and has crop protection agribusiness.Some of the patents involve inventing manufacturing techniques of alarm pheromones, such as thietaneusing the aluminum nickel catalyst and its bio-physiological effects for pest control and crop protection. Furthermore, increasing crop yield, developing pest resistant seeds and preventing crop failure while fulfilling global food demands are some of the company’s research interests and this correlates to the large number of R&D activities and patent applications.

Another firm that is one of the leading patent appliers is BASF SE based in Ludwigshafen, Germany. Since 2015, this firm has applied a total of 229 patents, out of which 84 patents were granted along with an amended patent. Moreover, the patents cover the use of aluminum nickel catalysts across various chemical and refining processes, as BASF SE specializes in extended domains of energy, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The key patents of aluminum nickel catalysts filed by the company exist in the field of gas treatment and agrichemicals, such as innovative methods of cracking heavier organic compounds into lighter ones.

Bayer Cropscience is a division of Bayer AG,headquartered in Germany. It is the key Agri-chemicals producer specializing in crop protection and non-agricultural pest control, wherein the aluminum nickel catalyst is an essential component in pesticide formulations. Correlating this with the patents filed since 2015, Bayer AG applied 148 new innovations but were granted only 56 patents, thus placing itself in the fifth position in filing the most number of patents. 

The United States Patent and Trademark Office registered15,381 patent applications since the year 2015. The most number of patents with an aggregate of 4,315 were registered in year 2015. The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) is one of the most accepted, comprehensive and oldest patent authorities in the world and as a result, many entities including corporations, universities and individuals prefer the USPTO. Moreover, the USPTO collaborates with other patent organizations, such as the Japan Patent Office (JPO) of Japan and the European Patent Office (EPO). This could be the reason researchers have filed the maximum number of patents under the US jurisdiction. The least number of patents were filed under the jurisdictions of countries like India, Spain, Italy, Portugal and others. These jurisdictions are only recognized in their own domestic territories, and so do not attract global key players and researches to file patents. This could be due to language constraints, lesser recognition and reduced government funding. Since this catalyst is majorly used in the polyolefin production obtained from shale gas in US, it can, thus be inferred that a huge number of research and development activities is also been in the US, proving it to be most sought after jurisdiction for patent application.

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