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The Chemical Informatics market deals with collectinginformation of chemical compoundsand using software and informational techniques for finding solutions of issues in the field of chemistry. The sourcing of information involves multi-disciplinary fieldssuch as computer science, Information technology, and chemical sectors.This process generally involves storing of chemical data and computational modelling molecules of 2D or 3D, and 4D structures. The industries such as pharmaceutical companies, chemical industries, government organizations and so on are implying chemical informatics for finding the best fitting compounds. The research containing molecular design tools is the driving force of the Chemical Informatics market. 

The key players in chemical informatics market are BASF, Dow chemical company,Accelrys, Novartis, Chemical diverse Labs and few more companies. 

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Machine learning is the fastest growing technology in the development of Computer aided drug discovery.Earlier in20th century,the findings and analysis of physicochemical properties of chemical structures was costly and was time taking process in the laboratory, but now with the introduction of software the process is made easier and faster. The challenges included in the market are proper evaluation, storage of all chemical compound structures, and distribution channels so that the finished product reaches end-users correctly. The information such as chemical reactions, structures, spectra, and thermo physical datais stored in a data base.

In-silico techniques are used to predict biological and physicochemical properties. The In-silico techniques identifies toxicity, metabolism, drug to drug interactions and predicting carcinogenic activity of drugs.  Generally In-silico tools are used in nano technology and bio chemistry. In-silico techniques are done using softwares such as TOPKAT, ACDTOX suite, TOXtree, VEGA SA RPY, VEGA Caesar and so on. 

There are wide range of applicationfor chemical informatics chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries and so on. The increase in computer applications, and data storage devices of chemical compounds has increased the market demand. Even paper and pulp industries and dye industries are using the chemical informatics for the production of new range of sustainable products. 

The ultimate aim of any method either manual or machine learning method is to reduce time and be cost effective.In the market, the discovery of drugs using computer evaluation, analysis, data storage make novel drugswithout side effects and so on.The software related programs in the chemical industry have a 360 view on the chemical compound using chemical descriptors, molecular analysis. The usage of chemical informatics provides scope and knowledge about future invention of chemical compounds.

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