Global Cattle Feed Market: Market Outlook

In most part of the world, the demand for milk and milk products is increasing immensely, and the cattle feed market is playing a significant role in improving the health of the cattle. Increasing population growth of the cattle will directly impact the global cattle feed market demand as it also leads to an increase in the consumption of meat and other dairy products. This reflects with the findings in the latest research report by IndustryARC, which estimates the global cattle field market size at $16 to $17 billion as of 2018, and foresees the demand to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.1% during the forecast period of 2019 to 2025.

Animal feed plays a vital role in the global food industry and the abundance of livestock. The increasing demand for livestock from farmers is accumulating demand in the global cattle feed market. Therefore, cattle feed is very useful in managing the level of nutrients in the cattle products. The cattle feed market is expected to gain from industrialization in the meat and dairy industry across emerging economies. Increasing awareness about organic livestock farming is increasing the demand for cattle feed, and subsequently, there will be an expansion of the cattle feed market.

Global Cattle Feed Market: Leading Segments

APAC is dominating the global cattle feed market, generating 45% of the total demand in 2018. Countries such as China, India, and Indonesia are strengthening the region owing to the surge in the consumption of meat products and increasing concerns over meat quality. Furthermore, the global industrialization of meat products, dairy products, and increasing concerns over the quality of it has boomed the cattle feed market. The start-ups are taking huge initiatives by investing which are bolstering the cattle feed market revenue in the region by venturing into the business. China is planning to increase cattle production in the coming years. The key application that is the dairy cattle industry is increasing at a CAGR of 2.5% during the forecast period.

 Global Cattle Feed Market: Market Trends and Growth Drivers             

·         Real-Time Technological Advancements

Technological and digitalization has led to the in-farm measurement and monitoring on a real-time basis. There are systems that are being designed for measuring excretion on land, environmental gases, and other chemical and biological aspects that will give insights for making necessary changes. As more technologies are being developed for controlling digestion and nutrient utilization the demand for cattle feed is rising.

·         Long Term Animal Protein Consumption

Consumption of animal protein is a dietary need of the consumers, especially the millennial population. The preference is more on high-protein consumptions rather than vegetables and any other form of protein. Animal protein intake contributes to muscle enhancement issues. However, the cattle feed market is booming because the people are consuming more animal protein diet which is leading to a demand for cattle food products, and in turn, this is leading to the expansion of the cattle feed market.

·        Demand for Reduced use of antibiotics and RWA Production

What the cattle’s are being fed has always been a concern to the people. So, the farmers have now started minimizing the use of antibiotics. Subsequently, there has been a rising demand for “Raised Without Antibiotics” production.  The use of bio-based feed additive in order to reduce the usage of antibiotics is influencing the cattle feed market.

 ·         Rising Demand for Grain Management

The farmers have become more focused on the need to protect the cattle’s production from the risk of growing contamination such as mycotoxins. Farmers ensure that they feed grains of high quality which are safe for the cattle. The cattle are mostly being fed forage, grass-fed, and corn-fed. This concern has led to the growth of the cattle feed market.

 ·         Increasing Concern about Reducing Diseases

The farmers are now oriented towards RWA production, so there is an increasing concern about the health and the diseases pertaining to that too. Animals are well taken care of by using bio-based feed technology, intense regular cleaning and disinfecting, and by strictly following bio-security protocols.


Global Cattle Feed Market: Recent Developments

Some of the key companies identified in the report that are currently holding majority shares in the global cattle feed market are Applegate Livestock Equipment Inc, Provita Eurotech Ltd, Beijing Goke Agriculture Machinery Co. Ltd., J.R Simplot Company, Van Aarsen International,National Farms, V. H. Group, Royal DSM N.V., Caprock, BASF SE, ADM, and ContiBeef LLC.

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The cattle feed market is prepared with the main agenda to cover the following 20 points:


1.Market Size by Product Categories & Application                  11. Demand Analysis (Revenue &Volume)   

2. Market trends & Relevant Market Data                             12. Country-level Analysis

3. Manufacturer Landscape                                                 13. Competitor Analysis

4. Distributor Landscape                                                     14. Market Shares Analysis

5. Pricing Analysis                                                              15. Value Chain Analysis

6. Top 10 End-user Analysis                                                 16. Supply Chain Analysis

7. Product Benchmarking                                                     17. Strategic Analysis

8. Product Developments Analysis                                        18. Current & Future Market Landscape                   

9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis                                          19. Opportunity Analysis

10. Patent Analysis                                                                20. Revenue and Volume Analysis


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