Cybersecurity refers to the protection of the systems connected over the Internet from cyber-attacks, which include hardware, software as well as data. With regard to computing, security consists of both cyber as well as physical security. These two security elements provide protection against any unauthorized access to the data centers as well as computerized systems. Informational security is designed to regulate confidentiality and availability of data over the Internet.

Some of the basic elements of cybersecurity are as follows:

Application security, informational security, network security, disaster recovery/business continuity planning, operational security, and end-user education.
Types of Cybersecurity Threats

It is important to keep up with the new technologies as well as the different security applications to be aware of the cybersecurity threats and also to protect the data from the same. There are different types of cybersecurity threats, some of which are as follows:

  • Ransom-ware: This is a type of malware, where the attacker involved locks the victim’s system through encryption, and demands payment for unlocking the system.
  • Malware: These are the software are used to harm the user’s computer, such as programs of worms, computer viruses, and Trojan horses. 
  • Social Engineering: This is a type of attack which depends on human interaction in order to trick the user in breaking the security to gain all the private information.
  • Phishing: It is a process of sending fraudulent emails that resemble emails from reputable sources with the intention of stealing sensitive data such as the login details. 

Contribution of the R&D Dept.

A large part of the R&D activities aims at the collection of all the threat intelligence, which includes intelligence on the current as well as a future threat. This precious data is collected by the Orange Cyberdefense CERT team working under FIRST improving security together, who shares the information with the customers as well as all the internal/external CERTs across the globe. Moreover, the Orange Cyberdefense CERT team contributes in the design and development of the solutions for all our internal/external clients. This is done either in collaboration with the leading solution providers or may be in-house.
The investment in innovation, as well as the R&D, can be considered as the key differentiator of the Orange Cyberdefence CERT team Companies must respond to the attacks with the help of the latest solutions. Without the help of R&D activities, the possibility of designing tomorrow’s solutions, which offers the best support decreases to a great extent.   

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Uses of Cyber Security

The main purpose of cyber security is to prevent any kind of damage caused to hardware or software. It is a method of data protection. Some of the major uses of cyber security are:

  • Data loss protection: This refers to the strategy, which makes sure that the users do not send any sensitive information outside the corporate network. This term is also helpful in describing the software products that helps the network administrator control the flow of data transfer.
  • Application protection: The runtime application self-protection is a security technology that uses the runtime instrumentation for detection and protection of the computer attackers.
  • Software testing: Software testing refers to the activity of matching the actual results with the expected results.
  • Data security: The data security and protection refers to the protective digital privacy measures, used to prevent the unauthorized access to the database and the websites.
  • Communication security: It is referred to the protection from the unauthorized access to the telephonic conversations or written information to be transferred.

Challenges of Cyber Security

Despite the different protection measures, there are some hurdles, which imposes questions on the security of the system as well as the software. Of which, two most important threats are:

  • Unprecedented attacks: The amount of data over the Internet is increasing exponentially with the passage of time. The Internet of Things (IoT) can be considered as the platform where the unprecedented attacks are common as these attacks were never dealt in the past.
  • Cyber espionage: The small as well as large organizations store their data in the cloud application. According to a recent survey, it is evident that the private cloud computing has increased up to 77% and to some extent hybrid cloud computing has also increased. This sudden increase seems to be a threat to all the private, public, as well as hybrid cloud technologies. This can cause a risk to the security of data.

Key Players

Microsoft, one of the key companies in the field of cybersecurity, extends the free program to protect the political campaigns from cyber-attacks, which includes monitoring of the potential hacking attempts. 

Another major player, Haven Cyber Technologies, recently announced its acquisition of Onevinn. The acquisition reflects that Haven Cyber Technologies continues to focus on strengthening its solutions and products.

Senseon recently pioneered the new model called “AI triangulation”, which applies artificial intelligence algorithm to monitor and defend any organization’s network appliances and multiple microservices. Senseon has raised $6.4m in seed funding.

Despite so many challenges faced by the technology, the R&D activities by different cybersecurity companies are more likely to result in the technological advancement, which resolves the data security issues, thereby providing steady growth opportunities in the future. The new AI products, as well as the acquisitions, is expected to result in the development of the technology.

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