Automotive Ignition Systems Market: By Type (Compression Ignition, Spark Ignition: Battery, Magneto, Electronic, Distributor-less Ignition); By Component (Spark Plug, Ignition Coil, Ignition Switch, Capacitor, Battery) - Forecast (2018 - 2023)

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Stricter regulations imposed by various governments regarding emission control combined with increasing competition demands the automotive industry to constantly look for ways to improvise their products. Over the past few decades, advancement in technology has accelerated R&D of power-train systems demanding lesser fuel consumption, enhanced robustness and increased efficiency.  The efficiency of an automobile is holistically determined by various systems consisting of several components and sub-components working in close relation. One such system which significantly adds to the efficiency of the power train is the type of Ignition System used.

Ignition System is a system of components and sub-components which aids in ignition of fuel in an Internal Combustion Engine. Since inception, ignition system has undergone tremendous changes adding value to the automobile industry with each innovation.

Ignition Systems can broadly be segmented into Compression Ignition (CI) System and Spark Ignition (SI) System. CI system is self-actuated system which is triggered by increase in the fuel pressure & temperature within the engine. Spark Ignition system is generally used for gasoline engines and it requires an external facilitator to ignite the fuel, wherein, spark Plug acts as an external facilitator. Based on the methods used to trigger spark plug, SI systems can be segmented into Battery, Magneto, Electronics as well as Distributor-less Ignition System. Battery Ignition System and Magneto Ignition System was mostly used in the 20th century, however, Magneto Ignition System is still in use in certain automobiles which require high power such as super cars. Electronic Ignition Systems and Distributor-less Ignition Systems gained popularity in the 90’s and are widely used in most of the automobiles.

Ignition Systems can also be segmented based on components which includes spark plugs, battery, capacitor, ignition switch, ignition coils, electronic control unit and so on.

Major Companies operating in this sector includes the car manufacturers themselves as well as suppliers who specialize in manufacture of automobile components.

Sample Companies Profiled in this Report are:
  • Delphi Automotive LLP
  • Continental AG
  • Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc.
  • DENSO Corporation
  • Federal-Mogul Corporation
  • 10+.

Since one of the major drivers for the Ignition Systems is the increasing demand for automobiles, from geography point of view, major demand for ignition system is seen in the regions having higher demand for automobiles. APAC region contributes significantly to the Ignition System market which is dominated by the Chinese market. Growing Middle-Class population combined with change in lifestyle of individuals in China and other developing countries in APAC region has increased the demand for automobiles which consecutively increases the demand for ignition systems.

A detailed qualitative analysis of the factors responsible for driving and restraining growth of the Automotive Ignition System market and future opportunities are provided in the report. This report on the Automotive Ignition System identifies many such insights and M&A opportunities, besides providing a detailed analysis of the overall industry.


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