Pico Projectors Market

Globally, the pico projectors market has been growing continuously and exhibiting high growth potential. Due to their scalability and reliability, pico projectors are getting deployed in consumer electronics, automotive, health-care and business applications. The pico projector industry is expected to be valued at $4.97 Billion by 2023. The fastest growing application will be consumer electronics. Pico projector will also penetrate into wearable and automotive industries to provide next generation augmented reality displays and human/ machine interactivity. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market followed by North America.

What is Pico Projector Market?
Pico projector operational principle is same as of conventional projector but with small foot print. Pico projectors are small hand held devices also called as mobile projectors or pocket projectors. Pico projectors can also be integrated with tablets, smartphone, camera, notebook and any memory devices to project videos, photos, presentations and other electronic documents on any type of surface. Pico projector comprises of different types of technologies such as DLP (Digital Light Processing), LCoS (Liquid crystal on Silicon), LBS (Laser Beam Steering), HLP (Holographic Laser Projection).  DLP technology involves using tiny mirrors on a chip that directs light, from a white light source, whereas the LCoS control how much light each pixel gets by a small liquid crystal display and laser beam steering. 

What are the major applications for Pico Projector Market?
The major applications of Pico projectors includes consumer electronics, automotive, defense and aerospace, healthcare, educational institutions, gaming, retail and electronics. In consumer electronics Pico projectors are applied in laptops, smart phones, digital cameras and wearable’s, whereas in automotive they are applied in infotainment, battery management. In educational institutions Pico projector is used to project some information to the students regarding the subject.

Pico Projectors Market

Market Research and Market Trends of Pico Projector Market:
  • In the past decade, pico projectors market has been focused on innovations and structural changes. Electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets are also reducing in size, becoming more sleek and lightweight. Integrating pico projectors into electronic devices such as mobile phones will further increase the complexity of their models. Reducing the size of the projection technologies and optical engines remains a challenge for all pico projector companies. To address the above-mentioned challenges, companies in this space are focusing on laser scanning micro projection technology that can provide high functionality for a range of applications spanning pico projectors, wearable display, and automotive heads-up displays. The technology is optimized to address the critical concerns of the consumer electronics sector, such as, sleek form factor, and light weight. 
  • Companies are investing in groundbreaking ideas to provide a complete solution to the consumer electronics industry by delivering displays with high resolution, brightness and contrast, with ultra-miniature size and weight. The pico projection technologies will play a key role in aiding OEMs to drive business growth, and provide excellent quality videos to consumers on any type of screen.
  • Smart watch companies are investing in integrating pico projection technology which can turn the wearers arm into a smart phone sized touch screen. This smart watch will allow the users skin to be tapped and swipe just like a traditional touch screen.
  • The current pico projectors batteries can operate for only two hours. Companies are investing in new battery technology which will further increase the charging cycle. The new battery technology will help to increase the operation time from two to four hours. In medium to long term, the companies are expected to integrate energy harvesting technologies which will further enhance the battery life.
  • The current Pico projectors are launched with additional features like auto keystone correction, which helps the projector to project images from different angles on the distorted surfaces. It is also provided with a USB-C port allowing the Pico projectors to be charged by any USB-C adapter including the portable power banks.  

Who are the Major Players in Pico Projector Market?
The companies referred in our report includes 3M Co., Sony Corporation, AXAA Technologies, Inc, Optoma Technologies, Inc, BenQ Corporation, Microvision Inc, Texas Instrument and more than 10 companies.

What is our report scope?
The report incorporates in-depth assessment of the competitive landscape, product market sizing, product benchmarking, market trends, product developments, financial analysis, strategic analysis and so on to gauge the impact forces and potential opportunities of the market. Apart from this the report also includes a study of major developments in the market such as product launches, agreements, acquisitions, collaborations, mergers and so on to comprehend the prevailing market dynamics at present and its impact during the forecast period 2018-2023.

All our reports are customizable to your company needs to a certain extent, we do provide 20 free consulting hours along with purchase of each report, and this will allow you to request any additional data to customize the report to your needs.

Key Takeaways from this Report
  • Evaluate market potential through analyzing growth rates (CAGR %), Volume (Units) and Value ($M) data given at country level – for product types, end use applications and by different industry verticals.
  • Understand the different dynamics influencing the market – key driving factors, challenges and hidden opportunities.
  • Get in-depth insights on your competitor performance – market shares, strategies, financial benchmarking, product benchmarking, SWOT and more.
  • Analyze the sales and distribution channels across key geographies to improve top-line revenues.
  • Understand the industry supply chain with a deep-dive on the value augmentation at each step, in order to optimize value and bring efficiencies in your processes. 
  • Get a quick outlook on the market entropy – M&A’s, deals, partnerships, product launches of all key players for the past 4 years. 
  • Evaluate the supply-demand gaps, import-export statistics and regulatory landscape for more than top 20 countries globally for the market. 


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