Acetophenone Market Analysis: By End-User Segment (Resins, Perfumes & Fragrances, Pharmaceutical Products and Others) -With Forecast (2018-2023)

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Acetophenone is an organic compound which can be represented by the chemical formula C6H5C (O) CH3. The compound can be used across for a variety of applications which include its use in fragrances, in pharmaceutical products, toiletries and in the food & beverages industry. Acetophenone is a thick colourless liquid and occurs naturally in cauliflowers, cheese, and red meat. There are numerous methods to obtain acetophenone from natural sources as well as to produce synthetically. Acetophenone is very often used as a precursor for a number of compounds and applications. It is an important precursor for fragrances as well as for resins. The pharmaceutical industry is an industry where acetophenone is used as a direct ingredient itself for numerous manufacturing processes. Other applications such as the use in the food & beverages industry will drive the market for acetophenone during the forecast period. There are certain challenges to the growth of the market however with many healthcare institutes citing a number of dermatological problems associated with high use of acetophenone.

In terms of regional segmentation, the APAC market accounts for the highest contribution as of 2015 and will continue to be the highest contributor till the end of the forecast period. The food  & beverages industry is the key driver for the growth of the acetephenone market in the region with India and China specifically being the countries driving the market. The Americas is primarily a user of acetophenone for use in fragrances. The use of this compound in food has been restricted over the last few years due to health issue concerns. Within the Americas, it is North America which has been driving the market because of the thriving fragrances industry. The same can be said of Europe where the fragrance industry is again the key driving factor for the acetophenone market. Its use in pharmaceuticals as a precursor agent has been restricted to a certain extent in Europe with minimal contribution from the APAC region. Unless the market sees any new applications coming in for acetephenone in the APAC region, there could be a decline in the market for this region after the forecast period as it is expected that a number of regulations may be brought in by then restricting the use of acetophenone in food & beverage products.

Acetophenone Market

In terms of Acetophenone by end-user the market has been divided into the following Resins, Perfumes & Fragrances, Pharmaceutical Products and, Others. The Acetophenone market has also been segmented by the following geographies Americas, APAC, Europe, ROW.

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