AMOLED Displays Market: By Type (Conventional, Flexible, 3D, Transparent and Others); By Application (Retail, Military, Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Others) - Forecast(2018 - 2023)

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AMOLED full form stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode. It is a display technology which pairs the active matrix backplane from a traditional TFT display with an OLED display. AMOLED displays have faster pixel switching response times. As a result of this, there is never the effect of a “ghost” screen that is formed when an individual switches from one image to another. This makes the display ideal for gaming as well as for animation videos which have large volume of colors changing rapidly within a few seconds.

A key factor that is increasing the adoption of AMOLED displays is its requirement for smartphones. As a result of the features of an AMOLED display they are apt for smartphones which are often used for viewing numerous videos as well as playing a number of games. One of the earliest uses of AMOLED displays in smartphones was that of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone in 2010. Following this, AMOLED displays were used in almost all models of the Samsung Galaxy series.

Gaming devices are also a key market for AMOLED displays. Sony had used AMOLED displays in its PlayStation gaming devices as well as in its portable gaming devices.

One key feature of an AMOLED display is that because of its inherent features, these displays are sturdy and are also lightweight in comparison to standard OLED displays. As such, OEMs would prefer to install AMOLEDs which help in reducing the overall weight of their respective devices while also providing a superior display and better viewing quality.

AMOLED Displays Market

On the basis of type of display, this report segments the market as Conventional, Flexible, Transparent, 3D, Others. In terms of applications, the AMOLED Displays market has been segmented across the following applications Industrial, Military, Retail, Automotive, Consumer, Electronics, Others. The market has been segmented based on the following geographies APAC, Europe, Middle East and Africa, North America, South America. APAC dominates the overall AMOLED market in terms of market share owing to the presence of some of the major manufacturers in this region.

With the number of devices which can employ AMOLED technology expected to increase in the coming years, there are a number of companies operating in the market that are already looking at increasing their respective production capacities.

Some of the companies operating in this market include the following
  • AU Optronics
  • Beijing Opto-Electronics.
  • Chimei Innolux Corp.
  • Dresden Microdisplay
  • Japan Display


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