Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Market: Global Industry Analysis by End-Use Industry (Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace and Defence, Electrical and Electronics & Others), by Type of Transducers, & by Region, forecast 2018-2023

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Ultrasonic cleaning equipment are used in industrial as well as domestic applications since 1950s. The use ultrasound in the range of 20 to 400 KHz to clean delicate items with the help of a suitable cleaning solvent. The section of solvent depends on the contamination on the object to be cleaned. The equipment makes use of cavitation bubbles which are induced with a sound of high frequency. These bubbles enable the cleaning through agitation of solvent which apply high pressure on the contaminations. The equipment features component such as lead zirconate and barium titanate which are piezoelectric materials.

Applications of ultrasonic cleaning equipment are items such as jewellery, optical devices, surgical instruments in medical applications, electronic equipment, industrial parts and firearms among others.

In terms of application, it is estimated that applications such as electronic and electrical industries are few of the major drivers for this market. Other drivers include high level of precision as compared to conventional cleaning methods. Globally, steadily aging population will stimulate demand for healthcare services are the prime growth drivers of ultrasonic cleaning equipment market. However, lack of effective product differentiation is key the restraint for ultrasonic cleaning equipment market.
This report identifies the global ultrasonic cleaning equipment market size in for the year 2014-2016, and forecast of the same for year 2021. It also highlights the potential growth opportunities in the coming years, while also reviewing the market drivers, restraints, growth indicators, challenges, market dynamics, competitive landscape, and other key aspects with respect to ultrasonic cleaning equipment market.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Market

Geographically, Asia Pacific and North America is estimated to have a high usage rate of these equipment. Electronic industries are estimated to have the largest market size during for the year 2015.

This report segments global ultrasonic cleaning equipment market on the basis of type, end-use industry and regional market as follows:
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Market, by End-Use Industry: Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace & Defence, Electrical & Electronic, and Others
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment Market, by Type: Magnetostrictive, & Piezoelectric
  • This report has been further segmented into major regions, which includes detailed analysis of each region such as: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW) covering all the major country level markets in each of the region

This report identifies all the major companies operating in the ultrasonic cleaning equipment market. Some of the major companies’ profiles in detail are as follows:
  • Blue Wave Ultrasonics Inc.
  • L&R Manufacturing Co.
  • Mettler Electronics Corp.
  • SharperTek USA
  • Crest Ultrasonics Corp.


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