Flame Detectors Market: By Product Type (UV, IR); By Application (Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemical, Automotive, Aerospace, Transportation & Logistics); & By Geography -Forecast (2018 2023)

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Flame Detector Market Overview
The global Flame Detector Market was valued at $2.5 billion in 2017 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.28% during the forecast period 2018–2023. Increased awareness about safety across industry verticals, stringent governmental norms among many other factors are catalyzing the growth of the flame detectors market.

Flame Detector Market Outlook
A flame detector uses optical sensors to detect flames or fire. It measures the radiation levels in the atmosphere and helps in minimizing the risk associated with fire by activating the fire suppression system or raising an alarm. There are a wide range of flame detectors such as Ultraviolet (UV), and Infrared (IR). UV sensors work within wavelengths of not more than 300nm, while infrared flame sensors are designed to work within the spectral band. Flame detectors are used in a wide range of applications that include hydrogen stations, gas-fueled cookers, industrial heating and drying systems, domestic heating systems, and industrial gas turbines.
Oil & gas is the major end user industry for flame detectors and is estimated to maintain a steady growth during the forecast period.

Flame Detector Market Growth Drivers 
The growing need for inclusive flame detector solutions across various sectors and and the increasing number of newly formed safety regulations for hazardous areas are factors that are adding traction to the global flame detector market. Also, increased investments for the production flame detectors is driving the growth of the market.

Flame Detector Market Challenges 
Flame detectors do not guarantee warning against protection of fire as the smoke may not reach the sensing chambers of the smoke detector due to various barriers. This is a major challenge for the market.

Flame Detector Market
Flame Detector Market Research Scope
The base year of the study is 2017, with forecast done up to 2023. The study presents a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, taking into account the market shares of the leading companies. It also provides information on unit shipments. These provide the key market participants with the necessary business intelligence and help them understand the future of the flame detector market. The assessment includes the forecast, an overview of the competitive structure, the market shares of the competitors, as well as the market trends, market demands, market drivers, market challenges, and product analysis. The market drivers and restraints have been assessed to fathom their impact over the forecast period. This report further identifies the key opportunities for growth while also detailing the key challenges and possible threats. The key areas of focus include the types of Flame Detectors, and their specific applications in different types of applications.

Flame Detector Market Report: Industry Coverage

Types of Flame Detector: Single IR flame detector, Triple IR flame detector, Multi IR flame detector, single UV flame detector, Dual UV flame detector

Applications of Flame Detector: Oil & Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, Marine & Environment.

The Flame Detector market report also analyzes the major geographic regions for the market as well as the major countries for the market in these regions. The regions and countries covered in the study include:
  • North America: The U.S., Canada, Mexico
  • South America: Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica
  • Europe: The U.K., Germany, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Denmark
  • APAC: China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong
  • Middle East and Africa: Israel, South Africa, Saudi Arabia

Flame Detector Market Key Players Perspective
Honeywell International, headquartered in New Jersey, is a major company that provides solutions and services according to the requirements of various industry verticals. It holds the major market share of 10%. 
Some of the other major companies referred to in the market research report include Johnson Controls, Siemens AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Tyco, General Monitors, Simtronics ASA, and Emerson Electric Co. 

Flame Detector Market Trends
  • Video analytics flame detection systems that use analytics embedded in cameras to detect flame, are the best alternatives to traditional sensors and are capable of early warning fire detection. The combination of different technologies to prevent further development of fires ensures the safety of premises. 
  • Automation Technology IR Monitor is a great solution for temperature monitoring and fire detection. Infrared cameras detect the objects and perceive their conditions. These automated self-checking cameras help in early prevention and protect them from the dangerous situations at the earliest.
  • Companies are coming up with new flame detectors that utilize optical technologies to detect flames. These products rely on line-of-site detection of the radiation emitted in the spectral bands to determine if a flame is real.


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