Electroplating Market: By Metal Type (Gold, silver, copper, nickel, chromium, zinc and others); By Application (Corrosion Protection, Decorative Coating, Electrical applications and others), By End Users (Automotive, electrical and electronics, Aerospace and defence, Jewellery, Machinery parts and components, Home appliance and others) & Geographic Analysis - Forecast (2018-2023)

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Electroplating Market Overview:
One of the largest maintenance requirements of the electroplating is met by the substitution of damaged equipment. The electroplating process often include issues that present before plating like cold shuts, pitting, cleavage points, sharp edges and unclean manufactured and this leads to flaking or a loss of adhesion occurs an after plating corrosion issue may occur. To reduce the sharp edges, there is a solution to deburr and radius edge prior to plating. The top importer of electroplating market is China with value $ 385 million and followed by United States with $ 112 million and Taipei is having high import value. The top exporter of electroplating market is China with value $ 197 million and followed by Japan with $ 164 million and Hong Kong is having high export value. The market for Electroplating is spread worldwide. The exports for electroplating globally is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 0.30% up to 2017 from 2013. 

Electroplating Market Outlook:
The most important technique used for reducing the corrosion of metals is by coating the thin layers of less reactive metals. The market of Electroplating is developed high in North America and West region of Europe because these reached maturity or a state of equilibrium after proofing stagnancy in terms of growth in new technological innovations and supply-demand chain. The market growth in Electroplating revenues in many parts of the world happens to a sluggish pace over the forecast period. It is expected that the Electricals and electronics industry remain the highest end-user in the global Electroplating Market and it is followed by the automotive industry.

Electroplating Market Growth drivers:
The electroplating market mostly is driven by the electronics and electrical industry and followed by the automotive industry. The demand for electroplating is rising rapidly from the end user industries which propel the growth of the market. The immense rising demand in China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, and Korea for manufacturing PCBs and other electrical components including semiconductor devices and connectors is anticipated to drive the market over the forecast period.

Electroplating Market Challenges:
The Electroplating process has significant challenges include trapped voids inside the gap filled through regions causes poor electrical and yield performance. This challenge was overcome with the introducing a novel reverse pulse plating waveform to get a void free bottom-up fill. This can be done by following certain limitations of operating under diffusion regime and then identified and addressed.
The dependence of cast materials for electroplating also possess major challenge to the industry, as the metals used for electroplating manufacturing from cast materials is cost-effective to form complicate shaped components. It affords greater versatility in designing of the component. Companies are trying to figure out the challenge for increasing the demand of Electroplating market.

Electroplating Market

Electroplating Market Research Scope:
The base year of the study is 2017, with forecast done up to 2023. The study presents a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, taking into account the market shares of the leading companies. It also provides information on unit shipments. These provide the key market participants with the necessary business intelligence and help them understand the future of the Electroplating Market. The assessment includes the forecast, an overview of the competitive structure, the market shares of the competitors, as well as the market trends, market demands, market drivers, market challenges, and product analysis. The market drivers and restraints have been assessed to fathom their impact over the forecast period. This report further identifies the key opportunities for growth while also detailing the key challenges and possible threats. 

Electroplating Market Report: Industry Coverage:

Electroplating Market-By Metal Type: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Zinc, Chromium, Copper and others.

Electroplating Market- By Application: Corrosion Protection, Decorative Coating, Electrical applications, and others

Electroplating Market- By End-User Industry: Automotive, Electrical and electronics, Aerospace and defense, Jewellery, Machinery parts and components, Home appliance& others.

The Electroplating Market report also analyzes the major geographic regions for the market as well as the major countries for the market in these regions. The regions and countries covered in the study include:
  • North America: The U.S., Canada, Mexico
  • South America: Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica
  • Europe: The U.K., Germany, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Denmark
  • APAC: China, Japan, Australia, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong
  • The Middle East and Africa: Israel, South Africa, Saudi Arabia

Electroplating Market Key Players Perspective:
The major Key players in this market include Kuntz Electroplating Inc., Interplex Industries Inc., Peninsula Metal Finishing Inc., Roy Metal Finishing, J & N Metal Products LLC, Allied Finishing Inc., Pioneer Metal Finishing (PMF) and many more.

Market Research and Market Trends of Electroplating Market:
  • Electroplating is also used to enhance electric conductivity of electronic parts. The demand is increasing for electronic devices coupled with expanding telecommunication industry has projected to the growth of electroplating services in the electronics and electrical market.  
  • The other trend in the market of Electroplating industry is electroless nickel-plating and it is a nickel-phosphorous alloy is applied without any use of an electric current. Though the electroless plating is not a new brand but the durability, eco-friendly nature of the process have made it an significantly popular alternative to regular electroplating.
  • Many latest electroplating technologies are constantly evolving, improving and promise to grow the industry in the upcoming years. The some of the major innovations that are expected to dominate for the future market of Electroplating are by using nanotechnology process at the nanoscale level, which is nearly 1-100 nanometers and it will have a great impact on the metal finishing industry because the nanocrystalline metals are harder, more wear and corrosion resistant than ordinary metals.


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