Anti-Corrosion Tape Market

The term Anti-corrosion refers to the protection and safeguarding of metal surfaces from corroding in high-risk (corrosive) environments. There are various methods to protect such surfaces from the corrosion like paints, coating or tapes. Anti-corrosive tapes are the PE tapes with anticorrosive materials which are wrapped around various metal parts exposed to the risk of corrosion over the period of time. Increasing demand from the various industrial applications is expected to drive the demand for the anti-corrosive tapes, however availability and adoption of other anticorrosive products is expected to restrain the growth of anticorrosion tapes during the period of study.

This report identifies the global anti-corrosion tape market size in for the year 2014-2016, and forecast of the same for year 2021. It also highlights the potential growth opportunities in the coming years, while also reviewing the market drivers, restraints, growth indicators, challenges, market dynamics, competitive landscape, and other key aspects with respect to anti-corrosion tape market.
Anti-Corrosion Tape Market

Geographically, Asia-Pacific dominated the anti-corrosion tape market mainly due to large demand and consumption of anti-corrosion tapes for various applications into industrial applications in the region. Asia-Pacific was followed by North America and Europe as the second and third largest consumer of anti-corrosion tape. Asia Pacific is projected to have the fastest growth in the anti-corrosion tape market during the period of study, owing to rapidly expanding industrial base and growing demand for anti-corrosion tapes in the major regional economies such as India and China in the region. 

This report segments anti-corrosion tape market on the basis of application area, application and regional market as follows:
  • On the basis of area of anti-corrosion tapes this report on anti-corrosion tape market is segmented as follows, covering all major application areas as follows: inner side, outer side and joints and fittings
  • On the basis of applications of anti-corrosion tapes this report on anti-corrosion tape market is segmented as follows, covering all major applications as follows: Steel pipes, flanges and valves, Welded pipe joints, Cooling tower piping, Pipe crossings, Tank bases, Waterproofing & sealing, Fire protection, Pipe & sprinkler systems, Electrical connection boxes, Cable splices, Hydraulic pipes, valves & fittings, Marine pilings and Others
  • This report on anti-corrosion tape has been further segmented into major regions, which includes detailed analysis of each region such as: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW) covering all the major country level markets in each of the region

Sample Companies Profiled in this Report are:

  • Shandong Quanmin Plastics Co. Ltd (China)
  • Dehn International (Germany)
  • Tremco Pipeline Equipment (Australia)
  • 10+


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