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Laparoscopic Instruments Market: By Type (Rigid Laparoscopes, Flexible Laparoscopes); By Product (Energy Devices, Insufflators, Suction/Irrigation Systems, and Others); By Application (Gynecological, General, Urological, Colorectal, and Others); By End User (Hospital, ASC, and Others); & By Geography Forecast (2018 2023)

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Laparoscopic Instruments Market Overview

Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure performed by medical professionals to examine the organs inside the abdomen. It is a low risk, minimally invasive procedure that requires only a small incision. Laparoscopic procedure involves the use of individual devices, which work as a single unit. The devices required to perform laparoscopy are laparoscopes, irrigation systems, insufflation devices, trocars, sample retrieval bags, wound protectors, internal closure devices, gastric bands, hand-assist devices, energy systems, and others. Laparoscopy can also be used for minimally invasive surgeries with appropriate instruments and attachments. 

Laparoscopic Instruments Market Outlook

In hospitals and specialty clinics, these laparoscopic instruments are used in many applications such as general, colorectal, urologic, bariatric, and gynecologic surgeries. Increasing number of bariatric surgeries, development of the healthcare infrastructure, and the growing number of gynecological and urological procedures stimulate the market growth. With increase in health consciousness, people now tend to visit hospitals frequently for regular health checkup, which has led to a rise in the number of hospitals, which in return amplifies the need for laparoscopic instruments and propels the Laparoscopy Instruments market. 

Laparoscopic Instruments Market Growth Drivers 

The rise in awareness for laparoscopy, the advancements in technologies, and the increasing number of hospitals are the important drivers of the market. In addition, the low-risk factor and faster recovery after the laparoscopic procedures are increasing the opportunities for the Laparoscopic Instruments market. Robot-assisted general laparoscopic surgeries are being developed, which increases the market opportunities for instruments in laparoscopy. 

 Laparoscopic Instruments Market

Laparoscopic Instruments Market Research Scope

The base year of the study is 2017, with forecast done up to 2023. The study presents a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape, taking into account the market shares of the leading companies. It also provides information on unit shipments. These provide the key market participants with the necessary business intelligence and help them understand the future of the Laparoscopic Instruments market. The assessment includes the forecast, an overview of the competitive structure, the market shares of the competitors, as well as the market trends, market demands, market drivers, market challenges, and product analysis. The market drivers and restraints have been assessed to fathom their impact over the forecast period. This report further identifies the key opportunities for growth while also detailing the key challenges and possible threats.

Laparoscopic Instruments Market Report: Industry Coverage

By Type:

Rigid and flexible laparoscopes

By Products: 

Energy devices, insufflators, laparoscopy suction, closure devices, hand instruments, access devices, accessories, and consumables

By Application:

Gynecological surgery, general surgery, urological surgery, colorectal surgery, bariatric surgery, and pediatric surgery

By End-User:

Hospital and ambulatory surgical center

The Laparoscopic Instruments market report also analyzes the geography by region for the market and the countries covered in the study include:
  • North America: The U.S., Canada, Mexico
  • South America: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Rest of South America
  • Europe: The U.K., Germany, Italy, France, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Rest of the Europe
  • Asia-Pacific: China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia & New Zealand, Taiwan, Rest of APAC
  • Rest of the World: The Middle East, Africa

Laparoscopic Instruments Market Key Players Perspective

Partnership and new product launch were most popular strategy among the key players in laparoscopic instruments market. Olympus, a key player in the market announced an innovative solution for laparoscopic surgery, with the launch of Endoeye Flex 3D and FlexDex Needle driver. 
Some other key players of laparoscopic instruments market are Karl Storz GmbH & Co. Kg, Ethicon, Inc., Stryker Corporation, Richard Wolf GmbH, Microline Surgical, Inc., and some others. 

Laparoscopic Instruments Market Trends

  • The need for laparoscopy is increasing day by day with the advancement in robotic surgeries and minimally invasive methods in medical therapies. In neurosurgery, there is a wider application of laparoscopic techniques and high use of laparoscopic instruments. Space technologies have many applications in medicine, especially in enhancing endoscopic vision and providing high definition 3D images. In hospitals and specialty clinics, these laparoscopic instruments are used in many applications such as general, colorectal, urologic, bariatric, and gynecologic surgeries. In most of the hospitals and specialty clinics, professionals are switching to disposable instruments from reusable laparoscopic instruments as improperly cleaned and reprocessed instruments puts the patients at a high risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAI), surgical site infections, (SSI), and cross-contamination.


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