PTFE Fabric Market - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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The global Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric market is projected to rise with a CAGR of 8% during 2018-2023. The North American region is dominating the market and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 6.25 % during 2018-2023.  Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabrics are in demand in certain industries such as construction and chemicals, currently due to their unique properties.

What is Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric?
Polytetrafluoroethylene is a form of plastic material used in various applications across industries, due to its numerous useful properties such as high heating point, stability at low temperatures, excellent insulation, and inertness to chemicals and so on. These materials have been in commercial use since the 1940’s and the number of applications has increased over time. Although, it must be noted that there are different forms of polytetrafluoroethylene and each caters to different industries.

What are the applications of Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric?
Polytetrafluoroethylene is of various forms such as Coated Fabric, Non-Woven Fabric, and Fiber made Fabric and so on. The material is used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, electrical, automotive, household, textile, medical, construction and so on.

Market Research and Market Trends:
  • Chemical industry remains one of the key end user industries for PTFE fabrics as they require the PTFE Fabric for lining, due to its excellent chemical resistance and its self-cleaning properties. For example, these fabrics may be used for making gaskets as they are known for being non-flammable and non-toxic.
  • The construction industry will remain another key industry, as construction increases in the upcoming years with the growing population and development of smart cities especially taking place in countries belonging to the Asian and European region.
  • Some manufacturers such as Taconic are developing new plants in order to develop better varieties of PTFE Fabrics, such as those with improved heat resistance, so that their applications can be expanded in the future.

Who are the key players in the Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric market?
The key players in the Polytetrafluoroethylene market are Taconic, FIBERFLON, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, W. L. Gore & Associates Inc., Chukoh Chemical Industries, Daikin , W.F. Lake Corp, and various other companies.

What is our report scope?

The report incorporates in-depth assessment of the competitive landscape, product market sizing, product benchmarking, market trends, product developments, financial analysis, strategic analysis and so on to gauge the impact forces and potential opportunities of the market. Apart from this the report also includes a study of major developments in the market such as product launches, agreements, acquisitions, collaborations, mergers and so on to comprehend the prevailing market dynamics at present and its impact during the forecast period 2018-2023.

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Key Takeaways from this Report
  • Evaluate market potential through analyzing growth rates (CAGR %), Volume (Units) and Value ($M) data given at country level – for product types, end use applications and by different industry verticals.
  • Understand the different dynamics influencing the market – key driving factors, challenges and hidden opportunities.
  • Get in-depth insights on your competitor performance – market shares, strategies, financial benchmarking, product benchmarking, SWOT and more.
  • Analyze the sales and distribution channels across key geographies to improve top-line revenues.
  • Understand the industry supply chain with a deep-dive on the value augmentation at each step, in order to optimize value and bring efficiencies in your processes. 
  • Get a quick outlook on the market entropy – M and A’s, deals, partnerships, product launches of all key players for the past 4 years. 
  • Evaluate the supply-demand gaps, import-export statistics and regulatory landscape for more than top 20 countries globally for the market. 
1. Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric Market – Overview
2. Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric Market – Executive Summary
3. Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric Market – Market Landscape
    3.1. Market Share Analysis
    3.2. Comparative Analysis
        3.2.1.  Product Benchmarking
        3.2.2.  End User Profiling
        3.2.3.  Top 5 Financial Analysis
        3.2.4.  Patent Analysis
4. Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric Market - Forces
    4.1. Drivers
    4.2. Constraints and Challenges
    4.3. Porter’s Five Forces 
        4.3.1. Competitive Rivalry
        4.3.2.  Bargaining Power of Buyers 
        4.3.3.  Bargaining Power of Suppliers
        4.3.4.  Threat of New Entrants
        4.3.5.  Threat of Substitutes
5. Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric – Strategic Analysis
    5.1. Value Chain Analysis
    5.2. Pricing Analysis 
    5.3. Opportunities Analysis
    5.4. Product/Market Life Cycle Analysis
6. Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric – By Type
    6.1. Coated Fabric
    6.2. Non-Woven Fabric
    6.3. Fiber made Fabric
7. Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric – By Industry
    7.1. Aerospace
        7.1.1. Wires and Cables
        7.1.2. Fuel Hoses
        7.1.3. Others
    7.2. Chemicals
        7.2.1. Gaskets
        7.2.2. Bearings
        7.2.3. Others
    7.3. Electrical
        7.3.1. Generator
        7.3.2. Wires and Cables
        7.3.3. Others
    7.4. Automotive
        7.4.1. Motors
        7.4.2. Exhaust Systems
        7.4.3. Others
    7.5. Household 
    7.6. Textile
        7.6.1. Carpet
        7.6.2. Clothing
        7.6.3. Others
    7.7. Medical
        7.7.1. Air bearings
        7.7.2. Surgical yarns
        7.7.3. Others
    7.8. Construction
    7.9. Others
8. Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric – By Geography
    8.1. North America
        8.1.1.  U.S.
        8.1.2.  Canada
        8.1.3.  Mexico
    8.2.  Europe
        8.2.1.  Germany
        8.2.2.  France
        8.2.3.  U.K.    
        8.2.4.  Rest of Europe
    8.3. Asia-Pacific
        8.3.1.  China
        8.3.2.  India
        8.3.3.  Japan
        8.3.4.  South Korea
        8.3.5.  Rest of Asia-Pacific
    8.4. RoW
        8.4.1.  Middle East
        8.4.2.  Africa 
        8.4.3.  South America
9. Polytetrafluoroethylene Fabric  – Market Entropy
    9.1. Recent Developments
    9.2. Expansions
    9.3. Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures
    9.4. Supply – Contract
10. Company Profiles (Overview, Financials, SWOT Analysis, Developments, Portfolio)
    10.1. Company 1
    10.2. Company 2
    10.3. Company 3
    10.4. Company 4
    10.5. Company 5
    10.6. Company 6
    10.7. Company 7
    10.8. Company 8
    10.9. Company 9
    10.10. Company 10
"*Financials would be provided on a best efforts basis for private companies*"
11. Appendix
    11.1. Abbreviations
    11.2. Sources
    11.3. Research Methodology
    11.4. Bibliography
    11.5. Compilation of Expert Insights
    11.6. Disclaimer