High Intensity Sweeteners Market

High-intensity sweeteners (HIS) are sweeteners with calorie content from zero to 4 kcal/gm ingredients and are generally used to sweeten and enhance the flavour of foods as sugar alternative because of its unique property which makes it many times sweeter than sugar. Globally increasing health conscious people population and changing eating habits of people across the globe is expected to remain key growth drive for HIS during the period of study.
This report identifies the High Intensity Sweeteners market size in for the year 2015-2017, and forecast of the same for year 2022. It also highlights the potential growth opportunities in the coming years, while also reviewing the market drivers, restraints, growth indicators, challenges, market dynamics, competitive landscape, and other key aspects with respect to High Intensity Sweeteners market.

High Intensity Sweeteners Market

Geographically North America dominated High Intensity Sweeteners market owing to higher usage and higher consumption into milk, drinks, tea, soft drinks, higher number of obese people using low calorie artificial sweeteners, and stict rules and regulations of the regional regulatory body. North America was followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific as the second and third largest market for high intensity sweeteners in 2015. However, Asia-Pacific is expected to remain fastest growing regional market driven by recent permissions from regulatory agencies for the use of intense sweetener in the varied food range at the specified levels in Pacific region and increasing demand in major economies such as India, China, thereby leading to the high growth in Asia Pacific during the forecast period. 

This report segments High Intensity Sweeteners market on the basis of type, applications, and regional market as follows:
  • On the basis of applications this report on High Intensity Sweeteners market is segmented as follows, covering all major application of the high intensity sweeteners as follows: Food production, Beverages, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Animal and Agriculture feed
  • On the basis of type this report on High Intensity Sweeteners market is segmented as follows, covering all major types of the high intensity sweeteners as follows: Saccharin, Acesulfame Potassium, Neotame, Aspartame, Sucralose and Advantame
  • This report on high intensity sweeteners has been further segmented into major regions, which includes detailed analysis of each region such as: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and Rest of the World (RoW) covering all the major country level markets in each of the region

Sample Companies Profiled in this Report are:
  • Ajinomoto Group
  • Tate & Lyle Plc
  • HYET Sweet
  • Cargill Incorporated
  • The NaturaSweet Company
  • 30+.


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