Cholestasis Market - Forecast(2024 - 2030)

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Cholestasis Market Overview

Cholestasis Market size is valued at $6.22M by 2019, and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period 2020-2025. The Cholestasis Market growth rate is attributed to the changing lifestyle that has altered dietary pattern and results of use of certain medications that include anabolic steroids, tolbutamide, prochlorperazine, estradio, terbinafine, imipramine, chlorpromazine, birth control pills and cimetidine. Cholestasis is defined as a decrease in bile flow due to impaired secretion by hepatocytes or to obstruction of bile flow through intra-or extra hepatic bile ducts. Therefore, the clinical definition of cholestasis is any condition in which substances normally excreted into bile are retained. The serum concentrations of conjugated bilirubin and bile salts are the most commonly measured. From improvement’s made to enhance the rise in number of product innovations to financial support to the researchers for developing novel intervention is anticipated to propel the Cholestasis Market during the forecast period 2020-2025. 

Report Coverage

The report: “Cholestasis Market Forecast (2020-2025)”,by IndustryARC, covers an in-depth analysis of the following segments of the Cholestasis Market:

By Cholestasis Type: Intrahepatic Cholestasis, Extrahepatic Cholestasis and Others.
By Diagnosis Type: Blood Tests, Imaging Tests, Biopsy and Others.
By Treatment Type: Medications and Surgery.
By Age Group: Adult, Adolescent and Pediatric and Geriatric.
By Geography: North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and RoW.

Key Takeaways
  • North America dominated the Cholestasis Market with a share of% in the year 2019. 
  • The factors such as changing lifestyle that has altered dietary pattern and results of use of certain medications are amongst the major factor projected to impel growth 36% of Cholestasis Market.
  • Increase in demand of disease specific novel treatment, vulnerable preterm infants receiving parenteral nutrition and increase in special designation from the regulatory authorities are the key factors owing to the growth in the segment during forecast period2020-2025.

Cholestasis Type- Segment Analysis

On the basis of Cholestasis type, Intrahepatic Cholestasis segment held the major share of the market in terms of revenue and is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 3.8% during forecast period. The reason may be attributed to the most of the causes of intrahepatic cholestasis are because of both inherited and acquired liver diseases. Another major intrahepatic cholestasis type is Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, where the cells are unable to transport the bile out of the cells normally, which leads to bile acids building up in the blood. Elevated bile acids in the blood are associated with increased risk to the unborn baby. It is important to note that Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy is not a single disorder, but a heterogeneous group of many different disorders which all lead to elevated bile acids. This means that the disorder presents very differently in different affected women which is anticipated to further expand the consumption rate over the projection period of 2020-2025.

Age Group- Segment Analysis

On the basis of age group, pediatric and adolescent age group is more susceptible to cholestasis owing to the immaturity of the liver. Amongst the various types cholestasis inherited causes are popular such as the zinc storage disorder. This causes a marked cholestasis jaundice and liver failure found to recur after liver transplantation. The exact cause for this storage disorder remains unknown. Cholestasis in pediatric and adolescent age group is believed to rise effectively as children with cystic fibrosis caused by mutation of theCFTR gene (the gene product is located on all epithelial cells; thus biliary epithelial cells are involved)are now very common inherited disease, are prominent in individuals surviving into adulthood and is anticipated to further propel the market growth over the projection period of 2020-2025. 

By Geography- Segment Analysis

North America dominated the Cholestasis Market with a share of36% in 2019. The application of Cholestasis has grown rapidly over the last few year sowing to the increased risk of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP), relative to women of other ethnicities which continues to expand its market.Incidence of ICP differs between populations, and in some, has changed over time, suggesting both genetic and environmental contributions to etiology. Approximately 1% of pregnancies in the United States are affected by this condition, affecting nearly 2 out of 140 pregnant women. ICP has no clear etiology, and it is believed to be a multifactorial disorder with environmental, hormonal, and genetic contributions. High initial capital investment on infrastructure, increasing production capacities of UHT treatment plants and requirement for very high-quality milk for UHT treatment are to cater the Cholestasis Market in the forecast period of 2020-2025.

Cholestasis Market Drivers

Growing prevalence of Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy

With the growing population ensures increased occurrences of the disease amongst children along with the number of pregnancies is likely to increase in the near future, so is the prevalence of cholestasis. Moreover, cholestasis can be hereditary in nature and there is a significant presence of chronic cholestasis in children owing to the nature of the disease which is set to act as a key driver of the market during the forecast period 2020-2025. 

Cholestasis Market Challenges

High initial capital and maintenance cost

The major challenge for the market is the high initial capital investment on infrastructure and the requirement for cholestasis treatment and compliance of these Cholestasis in a vast and heterogeneous market. The stringent rules and regulations regarding the development of efficient diagnostic tests with early detection of the disease is the major problem for some of the regions in Asia-Pacific. 

Cholestasis Industry Outlook

Product launches, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and geographical expansions are key strategies adopted by players in the Cholestasis Market. In 2019,Cholestasis Market is estimated to be fragmented in nature. Cholestasis Market top 10 companies are Eli Lily and Company, Palmetto Health, Abbott Laboratories, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, Zydus Cadila, ALLERGAN, Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc, ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC, and others.

Acquisitions/Product Launches

  •  In May 23, 2019 Albireo Announces Data on Pediatric Cholestasis Liver Diseases to be Presented at the 2019 ESPGHAN Annual Meeting, a clinical-stage orphan pediatric liver disease company developing novel bile acid modulators.
  •  In August 2, 2019 FDA Approves Daiichi Sankyo’s TURALIO™ (PEXIDARTINIB) for thetreatment of select patients with TGCT, a rare and debilitating tumor

1. Cholestasis Market Overview
    1.1 Definitions and Scope
2. Cholestasis Market - Executive Summary
    2.1 Market Revenue and Key Trends by Company
    2.2 Key trends by Cholestasis Type
    2.3 Key trends by Diagnosis Type
    2.4 Key trends by Geography
3. Cholestasis Market – Comparative Analysis
    3.1 Product Benchmarking – Key Companies
    3.2 Financial Analysis – Key Companies
    3.3 Market Value Split by Key Companies
    3.4 Patent Analysis – Key Companies
    3.5 Pricing Analysis
4. Cholestasis Market - Startup Companies Scenario (Premium)
    4.1 Key Startup Company Analysis by
        4.1.1 Investment
        4.1.2 Revenue
        4.1.3 Venture Capital and Funding Scenario
5. Cholestasis Market – Industry Market Entry Scenario Premium (Premium)
    5.1 Regulatory Framework Overview
    5.2 New Business and Ease of Doing business index
    5.3 Case Studies of Successful Ventures
6. Cholestasis Market Forces
    6.1 Market Drivers
    6.2 Market Constraints/Challenges
    6.3 Porters five force model
        6.3.1 Bargaining power of suppliers
        6.3.2 Bargaining powers of customers
        6.3.3 Threat of new entrants
        6.3.4 Rivalry among existing players
        6.3.5 Threat of substitutes 
7. Cholestasis Market – Strategic Analysis
    7.1 Value Chain Analysis
    7.2 Opportunities Analysis
    7.3 Market Life Cycle
8. Cholestasis Market – By Cholestasis Type (Market Size –$Million/$Billion)
    8.1 Intrahepatic Cholestasis
        8.1.1 Diseases
        8.1.2 Pregnancy
        8.1.3 Infection
        8.1.4 Drug Usage
        8.1.5 Genetic Abnormalities
        8.1.6 Hormonal Effects
    8.2 Extrahepatic Cholestasis
        8.2.1 Gallstones
        8.2.2 Cysts
        8.2.3 Tumors
9. Cholestasis Market – By Diagnosis Type (Market Size –$Million/$Billion)
    9.1 Blood Tests
    9.2 Imaging Tests
        9.2.1 Ultrasound
        9.2.2 MRI Scans
        9.2.3 Others
    9.3 Biopsy
    9.4 Others
10. Cholestasis Market – By Treatment Type (Market Size –$Million/$Billion)
    10.1 Medication
    10.2 Surgery
11. Cholestasis Market – By Age Group (Market Size –$Million/$Billion)
    11.1 Adult
    11.2 Adolescent & Pediatric
    11.3 Geriatric
12. Cholestasis Market - By Geography (Market Size –$Million/$Billion)
    12.1 North America
        12.1.1 U.S.
        12.1.2 Canada
        12.1.3 Mexico
    12.2 Europe
        12.2.1 U.K.
        12.2.2 Germany
        12.2.3 France
        12.2.4 Italy
        12.2.5 Spain
        12.2.6 Rest of Europe
    12.3 Asia-Pacific
        12.3.1 China
        12.3.2 India
        12.3.3 Japan
        12.3.4 South Korea
        12.3.5 Australia & New Zealand
        12.3.6 Rest of Asia-Pacific
    12.4 Rest of the World
        12.4.1 Middle East
        12.4.2 Africa 
        12.4.3 South America
13. Cholestasis Market - Entropy
14. Cholestasis Market – Industry/Segment Competition Landscape  (Premium) 
    14.1 Market Share Analysis
        14.1.1 Global Market Share – Key Companies
        14.1.2 Market Share by Region – Key companies
        14.1.3 Market Share by Countries – Key Companies
        14.1.4 Best Practices for Companies
15. Cholestasis Market – Key Company List by Country Premium (Premium)
16. Cholestasis Market Company Analysis
    16.1 Company 1
    16.2 Company 2
    16.3 Company 3
    16.4 Company 4
    16.5 Company 5
    16.6 Company 6
    16.7 Company 7
    16.8 Company 8
    16.9 Company 9
    16.10 Company 10 and more
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